Season 4 Episode 22

Last Stop Oblivion

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 12, 1961 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Smith: Say, that's a right nice gun you got there, Mr. Lyme, that's a right nice gun. You know, I just bet you my last bottom dollar that this here's the gun you killed Mr. Sunday with. Yes, sir, bet it is.
      Verna: I hope you'll explain that remark, Mr. Smith.
      Smith: Well, how do you explain anything so simple? You just went into his room last night, stuck a gun on him, took him outside and (empty gun clicks) killed him dead.
      Nero: That's not true. Mr. Sunday got on the morning stage. How can you come in here and …
      Smith: Well, there's a nice quiet little spot about a mile north a here. It's got trees all around it. Why don't we go up there and do a little diggin'? Don't have to bring any shovels 'cause there's a couple of 'em in the trunk of a hallow tree about 20 feet north of where your boys buried old man Sunday.
      Verna: What is it you want?

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