Season 4 Episode 5

Last Wire From Stop Gap

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 16, 1960 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Hard work never hurt anybody who didn't do it.

    • Pappyism: All men are equal before the law…but what kind of odds are those?

    • Hulett: You're a skillful player, sir.
      Bart: I have to be, how I work for a living.
      Hulett: Oh, fie on you. To scorn honest toil?
      Bart: Oh, I don't scorn it, I just try to avoid it.

    • Hulett: How do you think I got where I am today?
      Bart: By having a rich father?
      Hulett: What? Well, as a matter of fact, you're right. I never would have amounted to anything without the Hulett fortune, almost didn't with it. Eh, I was a family disgrace. But that's all over with, done. You see before you a changed man. No more wine, women, gambling…
      Bart: It's, uh, your bet, Mr. Hulett.
      Hulett: Uh…yeah, well, I only allow myself one game a week, strictly recreation, you understand…I can't open.

    • Bart: I still don't see why we have to leave Stop Gap.
      Beau: Because you lost the toss of the coin.
      Bart: The way your luck's been running today, I don't see why you had to win that one.
      Beau: Oh, quit griping. You can't really want to stay in this town.
      (Bart sees a buggy approaching)
      Bart: Miss Hulett …
      Beau: You can really want to stay in this town.

    • Wembly: After all, it's you who owe me. So I'll drop charges against your cousin, he can go up to Denver and get the money. We'll keep you here as hostage to make sure he returns.
      Beau: Well, there's, uh, no telling what's going on - it may take both of us.
      Wembly: What's the matter, Mr. Maverick, don't you trust your own cousin?
      Beau: Oh, frankly, I …

    • Wembly: What? Mr. Deevers, are you sure this is what Emma said?
      Deevers: Well, it's what came over the wire, sir. Why, is something wrong?
      Wembly: I asked her, "Was Tommy's bad leg any better?", and according to this wire it says "He's so much improved, he danced an hour at the square dance in town."
      Deevers: Well, what's wrong with that?
      Wembly: A mule?
      Deevers: Oh! Oh, dear.
      Wembly: Could Emma maybe have found the jug I hid behind the barn?

    • (Bart sends a "test" telegraph)
      Bart: I'd like to send a telegraph … to my Pappy. "About to get married. Settling down. Getting a job. Giving up poker forever. Your loving son, Bart."
      Deevers (after time passes): Your reply, sir.
      Bart: Oh, good. "Delighted you have seen error of your ways. Congratulations, all my love to you and bride. Your proud Pappy."
      Deevers: My, isn't that a lovely sentiment.
      Bart: Yes, it's a beautiful sentiment. It's a charming sentiment. (to himself) And that's no Pappy of mine.

    • Clay: Hey, wait a minute. You guys ain't gonna leave me here tied up like this, are ya?
      Bart: I'll admit it isn't the gentlemanly thing to do, but, uh … then who's a gentleman?

    • Beau: Oh, good, I was hoping there was some of their own cash in the kitty.
      Sheriff: Why?
      Beau: Well, you see, my cousin Bart and I engaged in a $15,000 transaction with your, uh, customers in there; (Beau gestures toward the jail cell) and we would hate to think it came from the honest folk in this town. You see the, uh, temptation might've been too much for us.
      Phyllis: You mean you'd actually be tempted to keep money that wasn't rightfully yours?
      Beau: Oh, no. We might have been tempted to give it back.
      Bart: And if we did, we'd, uh, never be able to forgive ourselves.

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