Season 4 Episode 5

Last Wire From Stop Gap

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 16, 1960 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Beau: Oh, good, I was hoping there was some of their own cash in the kitty.
      Sheriff: Why?
      Beau: Well, you see, my cousin Bart and I engaged in a $15,000 transaction with your, uh, customers in there; (Beau gestures toward the jail cell) and we would hate to think it came from the honest folk in this town. You see the, uh, temptation might've been too much for us.
      Phyllis: You mean you'd actually be tempted to keep money that wasn't rightfully yours?
      Beau: Oh, no. We might have been tempted to give it back.
      Bart: And if we did, we'd, uh, never be able to forgive ourselves.