Season 5 Episode 10

Marshal Maverick

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 01, 1962 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Walker: In case you're wondering what happened to your Buntline Special, one I borrowed from you, Mr. Earp.
      Wyatt Earp: Well, where is it?
      Walker: Billy Coe. He ran away with it, sorta. (Bart chuckles)
      Wyatt Earp: Somethin' funny about that, Maverick?
      Bart: Yea … Well, in a way, Mr. Earp, you see, uh, Billy Coe did steal the gun but he promised to return it. Matter a fact, he's coming back to town at exactly 3 o'clock this afternoon for a stand up shoot-out with, eh … (points to Walker and then the real Earp) … uh, with Wyatt Earp.
      Wyatt Earp: Oh. I oughta let him kill you, and then arrest him for your murder.
      Walker: Maverick!
      Bart: You almost got me twice, I don't even know why I'm feelin' sorry for you.