Season 4 Episode 24

Maverick at Law

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 26, 1961 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The Bella Union, where Bart goes to meet Clover McCoy, is the same club (or the same stock footage) which Bart and Walter Osborne wanted to purchase during Season Two's The Judas Mask.

  • Quotes

    • Pappyism: Don't play with strangers, the friends you have are dangerous enough.

    • Murdock: I'm expecting you to be on time to work tomorrow morning. You were late today by just four minutes. I assume you wish to continue to work for me?
      Emerson: Oh, yes, sir.

    • McGaffy: What I don't understand is why you cut us in in the first place?
      Emerson: Somebody had to open the safe.
      McGaffy: You sure picked the right man. Wooster'll do it with his teeth.
      Emerson: That's why I waited. I've waited five years to get even with that skinflint Murdock.
      McGaffy: Well, ain't you the one.

    • (The robbers escape as a barking dog causes the Sheriff's horse to throw him)
      Murdock: I don't want to be presumptuous, but why aren't you out chasing them?
      Sheriff: Well, I woulda been if I hadn't fall … uh, if I hadn't been delayed. Well, anyway, lookin' for 'em now'd be like lookin' for black ink in the belly of a cow. They got forty different directions to go in.

    • Wooster: Ten thousand dollars, they made quite a haul. Where is it?
      Emerson: That's the trouble. I hid it in a man's saddlebag when the shooting started, but, he doesn't know it.
      McGaffy: Who?
      Emerson: The man who's got it. He went upstairs to his hotel room with the saddlebag.
      Wooster: What kinda trick you tryin' to pull?
      Emerson: Trick? I'm an honest man, Mr. Wooster.
      McGaffy: Yeah. Just like us, huh?

    • (Wooster and McGaffy burst in with guns drawn as Bart discovers the bank bag)
      McGaffy: Oh, just in time, ain't we?
      Bart: Just like Halloween : trick or treat, and you didn't even have to wake me up.
      Wooster: That's real funny.

    • Wooster: You weaselly little crook. First you hire us to do the dirty work, then you double-cross us by takin' in another partner.
      Emerson: Oh no, no, no! You've got it all wrong.
      Wooster: Nobody puts money in a stranger's bag! He's no stranger. You and him had it all planned. You'd get your hands on the money and slip it to him, then give us half of what we stole when we come back for it. You just didn't figure we'd hear how much was stolen before we come back for our share and beat it.
      Bart: You oughta be a fiction writer, Wooster, you'd sell next to nothin'.

    • Bart (whispers): Where's the Sheriff's house?
      Emerson (whispers): Other end of town, corner of Texas Street.
      Bart: Well, I'm sorry, gentlemen, I've lost my way. We're going in the wrong direction. I'm a stranger in these parts, you'll just have to forgive me.
      Wooster: You pull a wing-ding on us and you won't live long enough to know what hit ya.

    • Myron: I don't understand it. How come you didn't turn me in?
      Bart: Well, I could have. I could've implicated you with the others. Do you think the Sheriff would've taken the word of a stranger against yours?
      Myron: And it is your saddlebag on Mr. McGaffy's horse - with the money in it.
      Bart: I took that into consideration.
      Myron: Not that I would've involved you. I'll do anything to repent my past misdeeds.
      Bart: I took that into consideration also, along with the fact that there's a nice little reward. I'm gonna need you.
      Myron: For what?
      Bart: To help me get that reward. If there was only $5,000 stolen from the bank, and, uh, there was ten thousand reported by the banker, Mr. Murdock; then it would seem to me that Mr. Murdock robbed his own bank of $5,000. Shall we walk to my room and talk?

    • Emerson: I'm not a young man anymore, sir, the few years I have left I'd like to be my own master again.
      Bart: Life has it's pitfalls, hasn't it, Mr. Emerson?

    • Clover: I never was much cut out for asking favors - and you never came back to pay your respects, either, not that I wouldn't accept your respects.
      Bart: Clover, you're still very beautiful
      Clover: You have the heart of a tarantula.

    • Bart: Why would anybody wanna shoot Frankie?
      Clover: He tried to pass off one of his home-made twenty dollar bills to a gentleman who lacked a sense of humor.

    • Bart: I'm in a bit of a hurry.
      Clover: You mean in a bit of trouble, don't you? Don't tell me you tried to pass an inside straight with no money to back it up?

    • Bart: I'm gonna need three days. Now is that worth five hundred honest dollars to you?
      Clover: Anything can happen in three days, can't it Bart?
      Bart: Now, no promises, Clover, this is business.
      Clover: When you change your mind, you can always whistle.

    • (watching from the jail window)
      Wooster: Somethin's cock-eyed.
      McGaffy: You just figurin' that out, Wooster? With $5,000 settin' here in this bag and those two crooks walkin' off with the rest?
      Wooster: I mean they haven't walked out. That shifty-eyed fella that put us in here just walked in the hotel.

    • Bart: Well, Wooster and McGaffy will be getting out of jail at nightfall.
      Emerson: 7 o'clock, to be exact.
      Bart: And why exact?
      Emerson: Sheriff's orders for all prisoners - avoids giving them dinner.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Clover: When you change your mind, you can always whistle.

      Refers to a similar line in the 1944 movie To Have And Have Not.