Season 3 Episode 13

Maverick Springs

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 06, 1959 on ABC
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Maverick Springs
A wealthy Texas rancher, Ruth Dawson, hires Bret to save her brother Mark from a conniving woman named Melanie. Posing as a Texas Colonel, Bret heads east to find Mark and bring him home, but discovers that Melanie is the accomplice of a master swindler, John Flannery, who cons Mark into signing over his 50% of the ranch. Bret calls in brother Bart and recruits Mark so they can get the property back before sister Ruth finds out that her brother messed up.moreless

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  • Bret finds himself at the mercy of a strong-willed woman, again.

    Bret learns that winning a saloon may not be such a lucky outcome when the saloon belongs to the town sheriff. This is one of the more humorous episodes of the season, and features a scam in which Bret cons a couple of con artists at the behest of a tough lady rancher, Kate, who has never met a man who was "up to changing" her name. Bret's mission is to rescue Kate's hapless and helpless brother from the clutches of a conniving young lady and her powerful partner in crime. Complications naturally ensue, with Bret enlisting his brother in an elaborate scheme which ends in a surprising twist. Overall, quite an entertaining entry to the series.moreless
  • Bret and Bart are both posing as affluent non-Mavericks that set up a con to win back a ranch. There are many twists turns and lots of fun along the way.moreless

    Highly enjoyable episode featuring both of the Maverick brothers. Many things go wrong in Bret's master plan for his con - he continues to improvise and modify his plans to outsmart his adversaries and win back a ranch. The fancy hotel location works well for these western city slickers. The wonderful character actress Doris Packer has a supporting role, the entire supporting cast is above average including Tol Avery and Kathleen Crowley in their recurring roles as John Flannery and Melanie Blake. Clever use of names of real-life millionaires of the time. A fine script with lots of humor make this a classic episode.moreless
King Donovan

King Donovan

Mark Dawson

Guest Star

Tol Avery

Tol Avery

John Flannery

Guest Star

Doris Packer

Doris Packer

Kate Dawson

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    • Pappyism: If you're gonna' drop names, drop 'em hard.

    • Pappyism: If at first you don't succeed, try somethin' else.

    • Peters (pocketing Bret's money): We're takin' you over to the jail, Maverick.
      Bret: Why, is gettin' robbed a crime in this town?
      Peters: Stole my saloon, that's crime enough.
      Bret: I won it fair and square.
      Peters: You're still goin' to jail.
      Bret: Well, we'll just see what the sheriff has to say about this.
      Peters: I can give you the answer to that right now. I'm the sheriff.

    • Kate: I'm a-standin' bail for ya, Mr. Maverick.
      Sheriff Peters: Don't look at me. Far as I'm concerned you can rot in here.
      Bret: Well, I'm much obliged to you, Mrs., uh...
      Kate: Kate Dawson, and it's Miss. Never met a man up to changin' it.
      Bret: Well, I'm pleased to meet ya. Do I know you?
      Kate: No. And I don't know you from Adam, but I heard about ya.
      Bret: Well, it's a very kind thing you're doing.
      Kate: I don't go in for charity, Mr. Maverick. Charlie Peters here'll tell you that.
      Sheriff Peters: She can read the numbers off a dollar bill at a hundred paces.

    • Kate: He was the gentlest, most dependable critter that ever lived the quiet life. Well, somethin' sure got into him. And because I know that he's as … as helpless as a six-day old kitten, I'm plain worried and I want him back.
      Bret: What makes you think I can do the job?
      Kate: Anybody that could take Charlie Peters' saloon away from him the way you did could handle anything.
      Bret: You'll notice Charlie Peters got his saloon back. And you're talkin' about a woman, that's even worse.

    • (Bret loses his thousand dollar bill in a high card draw)
      Bret: Well, there's nothin' like a good, fast game a poker, I always say.

    • Dawson: Women are fickle, Colonel. Longhorns are not.
      Bret: Well, now that's something worth rememberin'.

    • Melanie: Oh, but, Johnny dear, I've always wanted to own a gold mine.
      Flannery: You owned a gold mine – Mark Dawson, but you let him slip through your fingers.
      Melanie: Oh, Mark Dawson's a pauper compared to the Colonel.
      Flannery: Have you seen any of the Colonel's money?
      Melanie: Don't be vulgar. What kind of woman do you think I am?
      Flannery: Well, I have the answer to that, but I don't think you'd like it.

    • Dawson: No, I suppose, that from time to time each of us walks down temptation's path.
      Bret: Well, I've been known to run down it.

    • (Melanie is crying "crocodile" tears)
      Dawson: Miss Blake, may I inquire what it is that ails you?
      Melanie: Oh, I didn't know you were here.
      Dawson: Ma'am, you may weep all night, but you will find me a man of iron.

    • Dawson: Oh, but, n-n-now, don't let my misfortune stop you from returnin' to Texas, Colonel.
      Bret: Your misfortune is my misfortune. I'm not really a Colonel, your sister hired me to bring you back home to Texas
      Dawson: Wh - my sister, Kate?
      Bret: That's the truth, Mr. Dawson.
      Dawson: Wh - well … Well, now I … I certainly would like to be able to oblige you and go back to Texas, but, oh, my goodness, Kate would skin me alive.
      Bret: Me, too, I'm afraid … Was Melanie with you in the game room?
      Dawson: Oh, yes, yes. Yes, she sat right there beside me.
      Bret: That was very friendly of her … (resumes "the Colonel's" Texas drawl) Mr. Dawson, I'm gonna try to win your way back to Texas.

    • Bret: I'll call.
      Flannery: Full house, tens up.
      Bret: (sighs) They tell me that beats three-of-a-kind … Eh, congratulations, Mr. Flannery.
      Flannery: Luck of the game. Colonel. (Bret glances up and sees an overhead mirror)
      Bret: I just don't see how you do it, Mr. Flannery, that mirror shinin' in your eyes.
      Flannery: You accusin' me a cheatin'?
      Bret: Did sound like that, didn't it?

    • Mr. Mason: You'll have to get out.
      Bret: All righty, I'll get out. That's the second time I've had that invitation around here, and you're goin' to regret it.
      Mr. Mason: Oh, I am? How very interesting. Uh, tell me how.
      Bret: Hmm. You're gonna regret it. Big John Flannery's gonna regret it. The whole town of Saratoga is gonna regret it.
      Mr. Mason: Oh, I suppose with all your so-called wealth, Colonel, you intend to buy Saratoga Springs, hmm?
      Bret: (scoffs) I wouldn't own the place on a bet. Let me tell you this: when I get through with Saratoga Springs, ain't gonna be nothin' but a first-desert... a second-desert.

    • Mr. Mason (reading from Bret's "telegrams"): "Sell off three or four of my smaller goldmines," the telegram says. Now, does that sound to you like a pauper?
      Flannery: What's he up to? Did he say?
      Mr. Mason: No, it's all very mysterious. But he does say something about the promise of huge profits. I'm afraid we may have made a mistake, Mr. Flannery.
      Melanie: It was your idea to have him thrown out of the hotel. Don't forget that.
      Flannery: We still own half of the Queen Ranch. Don't forget that.
      Melanie: But the Queen Ranch is in Texas. Colonel Maverick and his, uh, money are here.

    • Flannery: Colonel Maverick, I want to see the proof you talked about.
      Bret: Oh, I didn't say anything about any proof - you did.
      Flannery: I demand to see it!
      Bret (laughs): Mr. Flannery, why don't you go off someplace and play cards.

    • Bart: Lovely country you have here, Colonel.
      Bret: Uh, this is the first time I've seen the Professor since he was run outta Abilene for, uh, runnin' a shell game.
      Bart: And he hasn't changed. He was almost thrown off the train for dealing marked cards.

    • Bret (referring to Melanie): She's poison, Mr. van der Grift.
      Bart: I'll do my own sampling, Colonel Maverick.

    • (Kronkhite is "probing" for water)
      Bret: You think he's overdoin' it?
      Bart: Trust me, brother Bret. When I hire a crook, I hire the best.
      Kronkhite: Eureka, gentlemen. This is it: the finest spring water I ever heard!

    • Flannery: Gentlemen, I'm prepared to become an active partner, and give you the benefit of my vast experience in smoothing the way for this development.
      Bret: Well, what do you think, Mr. van der Grift?
      Bart: Oh, I think we should take Mr. Flannery … in.

    • Dawson: Gentlemen, how did we do?
      (Bret hands him the signed ranch deed)
      Kronkhite: For three country boys from Texas, you're doing just fine.
      Bart: Oh, I beg to disagree, Professor.
      Bret: What do you mean?
      Bart: Uh, Mr. Flannery owns one-third of Maverick Springs. Now it seems a shame to deprive him of the other two-thirds.

    • (Bart is informed his "uncle", the Commodore, will be arriving)
      Bart (to Bret): I hear Texas calling.

    • Kate: I can offer ya 25,000. Cash.
      Flannery: I'll take it. Anything to get the name of Flannery separated from the fumes. Thank you, Miss Dawson. You're the only gentleman around here.
      Bret: Now, how come you'd a throw away 25,000 perfectly good dollars for nothin'?
      Dawson: Well, it isn't exactly for nothin'.
      Kate: I took a look at that property. I hired a real geologist. We got the finest deposit of natural gas in this whole part of the country.
      Bret (laughing): You know, brother Bart, we could take lessons from her?

    • Flannery: Maverick boys, huh? (Bret and Bart nod and agree) And I thought I was a first-class swindler.
      Bret: Well, you forget there are two of us … Sir.

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