Season 3 Episode 13

Maverick Springs

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 06, 1959 on ABC

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  • Bret finds himself at the mercy of a strong-willed woman, again.

    Bret learns that winning a saloon may not be such a lucky outcome when the saloon belongs to the town sheriff. This is one of the more humorous episodes of the season, and features a scam in which Bret cons a couple of con artists at the behest of a tough lady rancher, Kate, who has never met a man who was "up to changing" her name. Bret's mission is to rescue Kate's hapless and helpless brother from the clutches of a conniving young lady and her powerful partner in crime. Complications naturally ensue, with Bret enlisting his brother in an elaborate scheme which ends in a surprising twist. Overall, quite an entertaining entry to the series.
  • Bret and Bart are both posing as affluent non-Mavericks that set up a con to win back a ranch. There are many twists turns and lots of fun along the way.

    Highly enjoyable episode featuring both of the Maverick brothers. Many things go wrong in Bret's master plan for his con - he continues to improvise and modify his plans to outsmart his adversaries and win back a ranch. The fancy hotel location works well for these western city slickers. The wonderful character actress Doris Packer has a supporting role, the entire supporting cast is above average including Tol Avery and Kathleen Crowley in their recurring roles as John Flannery and Melanie Blake. Clever use of names of real-life millionaires of the time. A fine script with lots of humor make this a classic episode.
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