Season 5 Episode 13

One Of Our Trains Is Missing

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 22, 1962 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bart: It's not that I, um, I'm suspicious of you being subversive, Doc, but is that a gun underneath your coat? (Doc looks uncomfortable) Why'd you do it?
      Holliday: I had no idea that you were going to be on this train - and I wish you'd stop going around getting yourself into trouble.
      Bart: Getting myself into trouble?
      Holliday: Getting involved with some innocent young girl.
      Bart: Doc, I don't wanna disillusion you about that sweet, innocent girl, but she's got more larceny in her little finger than you got in your whole body. (Doc laughs) It's because of her that Hoad's out to kill me. And if he's not successful, Radcliffe will finish the job.
      Holliday: Radcliffe!?
      Bart: Yeah.
      Holliday: Well, why Radcliffe?
      Bart: She got to the safe before him. (Doc laughs) She got the money, but she planted it on me.
      Holliday (looking at Modesty): Pretty little thing.
      Bart: Yeah, like a female panther.
      Holliday (laughing): I'd love to see Radcliffe's face when he opens that safe!