Season 2 Episode 23

Passage to Fort Doom

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 08, 1959 on ABC
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Bart, old galpal Cindy Lou Brown, and various other assorted travelers survive a treacherous wagon train ride through the Badlands and reach an Army outpost. Then their troubles really begin.

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    Alan Caillou

    Alan Caillou

    Fergus McKenzie

    Guest Star

    Fred Beir

    Fred Beir

    Lee Granger

    Guest Star

    John Alderson

    John Alderson

    Ben Chapman

    Guest Star

    Arlene Howell

    Arlene Howell

    Cindy Lou Brown

    Recurring Role

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      • Pappyism: Make a lot of mistakes, but always be sure they're your own.

      • Pappyism: Love is the only thing in life you've got to earn, everything else you could steal.

      • McKenzie: Drink?
        Bart: No thanks.
        McKenzie: I wasn't offering, I was inquiring,
        Bart: I never touch the stuff.
        McKenzie: Do ya gamble?
        Bart: I feel sorry for men that gamble, Mr. McKenzie, downright sorry.
        McKenzie: Be ye a God fearin' man?
        Bart: Scared to death.

      • Bart: You in some kind of trouble, Cindy?
        Cindy: I will be if certain people here in town find out I'm leavin'. Please, just forget ya saw me.
        Bart: I'll make ya a deal. I'll forget you're leavin' town if you'll forget I'm not a guide.

      • McKenzie: I leave the diggin' to them that likes to gamble.
        Bart: You don't think goin' to Deadwood is gambling?
        McKenzie: No. That's enterprise.

      • Cindy: Don't play dumb, you have to be smart to do that.

      • Bart (to Cindy): Maybe that's why women dislike other women. They understand each other.

      • Cindy: Like to share my wagon?
        Bart: Better than a kick in the shins.

      • Cindy: Remember the last time we went to Deadwood together?
        Bart: There's some things one never forgets--like measles and broken arms.

      • Cindy: Think you'll ever amount to anything, Bart?
        Bart: 'Course I will, my Pappy once told me, "Son, you're self-centered, shifty, and you know the value of a dollar, so you're gonna die honored and wealthy."
        Cindy: If I really thought you would, I'd hook ya myself, one way or another.

      • Bart: There oughta be some cavalry showing up soon. Have you decided what you're gonna do if George is with them?
        Charlotte: My plans were made a long time ago. It's easy for you to think the way you do, you're a man. It's not the same for a woman.
        Bart: If that's true, I feel sorry for half the world.

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