Season 1 Episode 24

Plunder of Paradise

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 09, 1958 on ABC

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  • Evil banditos, two beautiful women, and buried Spanish treasure in Mexico are a satisfying mix.

    Bart finds himself seeking buried Spanish treasure in the Mexican dessert with his friend, Mike McComb, in this well-written episode. Of course, they're not the only ones. A gang of Mexican banditos provide plenty of menace throughout, and comedic balance is supplied by the character of Dolly Muldoon, charmingly played by Ruta Lee. An unusual highlight of the episode is Ms. Lee's rendition of Virtue is its Own Reward. Also unusual is the fact that Bart gets not just one, but two different love interests, one the unabashedly earthy Dolly, and the other a rather icy, elegant polar opposite to Dolly named Grace. My favorite exchange of this episode:
    Dolly: Because if you ever started anything with me, you wouldn't know how to get out of it … 'cause I'm just as free as you are. Don't feel so safe with me.
    Bart: Dolly, you don't scare me one little bit.
    Dolly: Prove it.
    As usual, Plunder is suspenseful, engaging, and well worth watching.
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