Season 1 Episode 2

Point Blank

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 29, 1957 on ABC
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Riding into Bent Forks broke and hungry, Bret quickly winds up in jail. But his fortunes seem to take a turn for the better when a vision of loveliness named Molly begins to favor him. Bret, however, finds out that there's more to Molly than meets the eye and it's mostly bad news.moreless

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  • Bret meets Molly, a vision of loveliness with a terrible secret.

    Molly is an angel-faced blond with suspiciously modern undergarments. (Her bra is plainly visible through the back of her dress in an early scene.) Molly helps Bret out of a scrape, but is of course not all she appears. She is under the influence of a Bad Man! Will our strong-jawed, tender-hearted anti-hero figure it out in time? Will he fall for the girl? Will he save the town from the Bad Man's machinations? Well, of course he will, what show did you think you were watching? Along the way, he will also exchange clever banter with various characters, catch some card cheats, and exchange some good-natured face-punching with the local lawman (over the girl, naturally).moreless
Richard Garland

Richard Garland

Sheriff Wes Corwin

Guest Star

Mike Connors

Mike Connors

Ralph Jordan

Guest Star

Benny Baker

Benny Baker

Mike Brill

Guest Star

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    • Brill: Afternoon. Looks like you've had quite a ride.
      Bret: In that sun, crossin' the street would be quite a ride.
      Brill: What'll you have?
      Bret: Nothing, thanks. I just came in to get outta the heat.
      Brill: Feel like eatin'?
      Bret: Not unless you carry a line of free food.

    • Bret: Oh, would you give this to … well, I didn't get his name ..
      Brill: To Moose? What for?
      Bret: Uh, he didn't know it at the time, but he made me a small loan.
      Brill: Well, there's ten dollars here, you only took him for five.
      Bret: I got a delicate conscience.

    • Sheriff: Well, I try to encourage confidence men to stay out of Bent Forks - the bail's a hundred dollars.
      Bret: That's a little more than I've got.
      Sheriff: Well, the Circuit Judge is comin' through here in about ten days, you got a pretty good story, he might let you off with a warning. You know, you must have a pretty low opinion of this town - the belt game went out with the Civil War.

    • (Molly brings Bret his supper)
      Bret: Well, I may decide to stay - most jails, the waiter has his thumb in the soup and needs a shave.

    • Bret: By the way, I don't cheat at cards. I don't have to. There's no one easier to beat than a cardsharp - if you know his twists - and in most games, there's usually one of 'em.

    • Bret: Am I being avoided again?
      Molly: You never were. Can you wait till tomorrow?
      Bret: Just barely.

    • Molly: Aren't you hurrying things a little? I - I suppose that comes from not staying long enough in one place. Don't worry about it.
      Bret: Lady, I never worry about anything.

    • Fletcher: You cost us an awful lotta money, mister - plus two hundred dollars we had to pay out in bail. Now just what do you figure we oughta do about it?
      Bret: You're holdin' the gun.
      Fletcher: And that counts a lot.

    • Sheriff: (about Molly) Stay away from her.
      Bret: Why?
      Sheriff: Well, for two reasons. I'm tellin' you to - and she's not your kind.
      Bret: Just what is my kind?
      Sheriff: Well, I won't go into that. But I'll put it this way : the next time I hear that you're around her (scoffs), I'll pound you lopsided.
      Bret: Well, I'm real sorry to hear that, Sheriff - cause I'm plannin' to see her tomorrow.

    • (After fighting over Molly)
      Bret: I still plan to see Molly (breathless) … we gonna have to go through this thing again?
      Sheriff: Well … not until I've given it some more thought.

    • Molly: I - I think I'd like to go back now.
      Bret: What is it, Molly? What's it about? Just when I think I've got you all figured out, you - you fool me - you do something unexpected.
      Molly: I just suddenly realized I - I haven't any right to try and change you. If we start back now, you can leave today the way you planned.
      Bret: Sorry, Molly. I don't know if it's that kiss, or because you're suddenly a puzzle I can't walk away from, but I'm staying a while longer.

    • Molly: He's out there now, just waiting - with a hundred thousand dollars he took from the bank tonight.
      Bret: Why did he need me?
      Molly: He was afraid of being hunted and caught! He's waiting for you with a shotgun! You'd be found in a day or so, wearing his clothes, his ring - with your face all blown off.
      Bret: That's so simple, it … shoulda worked.

    • (Bret shoots Jordan)
      Bret: Hang on, Jordan. I'll get you a doctor quick.
      Jordan: Did she - she tell you?
      Bret: Don't try to talk. You die - I could be in a lotta trouble.
      Jordan: That's - that's too bad. (dies)

    • Bret: You won't need those posters. You know, your friend took a shot at me when I tried to get this back for you, Mr. Nelson. You, uh, coulda been more generous.
      Nelson: Generous? Why, this is a bare-faced swindle! This bank won't pay you one cent.
      Bret: You've already done it. It's all there, Mr. Nelson, except the reward, of course. I took that out in advance - exactly three thousand dollars.
      Nelson: Uh, three, but …
      Sheriff: Maverick. You've got ten minutes to get outta this town.
      Bret: Sheriff, I've got outta of towns this size in five minutes.

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