Season 1 Episode 2

Point Blank

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 29, 1957 on ABC



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    • Brill: Afternoon. Looks like you've had quite a ride.
      Bret: In that sun, crossin' the street would be quite a ride.
      Brill: What'll you have?
      Bret: Nothing, thanks. I just came in to get outta the heat.
      Brill: Feel like eatin'?
      Bret: Not unless you carry a line of free food.

    • Bret: Oh, would you give this to … well, I didn't get his name ..
      Brill: To Moose? What for?
      Bret: Uh, he didn't know it at the time, but he made me a small loan.
      Brill: Well, there's ten dollars here, you only took him for five.
      Bret: I got a delicate conscience.

    • Sheriff: Well, I try to encourage confidence men to stay out of Bent Forks - the bail's a hundred dollars.
      Bret: That's a little more than I've got.
      Sheriff: Well, the Circuit Judge is comin' through here in about ten days, you got a pretty good story, he might let you off with a warning. You know, you must have a pretty low opinion of this town - the belt game went out with the Civil War.

    • (Molly brings Bret his supper)
      Bret: Well, I may decide to stay - most jails, the waiter has his thumb in the soup and needs a shave.

    • Bret: By the way, I don't cheat at cards. I don't have to. There's no one easier to beat than a cardsharp - if you know his twists - and in most games, there's usually one of 'em.

    • Bret: Am I being avoided again?
      Molly: You never were. Can you wait till tomorrow?
      Bret: Just barely.

    • Molly: Aren't you hurrying things a little? I - I suppose that comes from not staying long enough in one place. Don't worry about it.
      Bret: Lady, I never worry about anything.

    • Fletcher: You cost us an awful lotta money, mister - plus two hundred dollars we had to pay out in bail. Now just what do you figure we oughta do about it?
      Bret: You're holdin' the gun.
      Fletcher: And that counts a lot.

    • Sheriff: (about Molly) Stay away from her.
      Bret: Why?
      Sheriff: Well, for two reasons. I'm tellin' you to - and she's not your kind.
      Bret: Just what is my kind?
      Sheriff: Well, I won't go into that. But I'll put it this way : the next time I hear that you're around her (scoffs), I'll pound you lopsided.
      Bret: Well, I'm real sorry to hear that, Sheriff - cause I'm plannin' to see her tomorrow.

    • (After fighting over Molly)
      Bret: I still plan to see Molly (breathless) … we gonna have to go through this thing again?
      Sheriff: Well … not until I've given it some more thought.

    • Molly: I - I think I'd like to go back now.
      Bret: What is it, Molly? What's it about? Just when I think I've got you all figured out, you - you fool me - you do something unexpected.
      Molly: I just suddenly realized I - I haven't any right to try and change you. If we start back now, you can leave today the way you planned.
      Bret: Sorry, Molly. I don't know if it's that kiss, or because you're suddenly a puzzle I can't walk away from, but I'm staying a while longer.

    • Molly: He's out there now, just waiting - with a hundred thousand dollars he took from the bank tonight.
      Bret: Why did he need me?
      Molly: He was afraid of being hunted and caught! He's waiting for you with a shotgun! You'd be found in a day or so, wearing his clothes, his ring - with your face all blown off.
      Bret: That's so simple, it … shoulda worked.

    • (Bret shoots Jordan)
      Bret: Hang on, Jordan. I'll get you a doctor quick.
      Jordan: Did she - she tell you?
      Bret: Don't try to talk. You die - I could be in a lotta trouble.
      Jordan: That's - that's too bad. (dies)

    • Bret: You won't need those posters. You know, your friend took a shot at me when I tried to get this back for you, Mr. Nelson. You, uh, coulda been more generous.
      Nelson: Generous? Why, this is a bare-faced swindle! This bank won't pay you one cent.
      Bret: You've already done it. It's all there, Mr. Nelson, except the reward, of course. I took that out in advance - exactly three thousand dollars.
      Nelson: Uh, three, but …
      Sheriff: Maverick. You've got ten minutes to get outta this town.
      Bret: Sheriff, I've got outta of towns this size in five minutes.

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