Season 5 Episode 6

Poker Face

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 07, 1962 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Rose: I don't understand, have I done them some wrong?
      Bart: Oh, yes you have.
      Rose: Well then, it was through ignorance. I'm a stranger here.
      Bart: And that's exactly how you wronged them. You see, you're different. What they don't understand, they hate.
      Rose: Why is this so with people.
      Bart: Oh, I don't know. I guess the human animal has created it's own jungle.
      Rose: What do you mean, Mr. Maverick?
      Bart: Well, see in the jungle, the snakes don't talk to the lions. 'Course the lions, they don't talk to the elephants, and the elephants don't hobnob with the rhinoceros. But they all know they have to share the same water hole in order to survive.
      Rose: And the human animal doesn't know this?
      Bart: Oh, I guess, deep down most humans know it. The trouble is, that a few of 'em would rather poison that water hole than share it.