Season 2 Episode 12

Prey of the Cat

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 07, 1958 on ABC
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After suffering a broken leg, Bart is taken in by a ranch owner only to have the man's wife fall for him. When the rancher turns up murdered guess who is the number one suspect?

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      • Bart: I broke the leg when my horse was spooked by a mountain lion.
        Kitty: Which one?
        Bart: I don't know one mountain lion from another.
        Kitty: I meant which leg?
        Bart: I know, I guess my jokes are a little lame too.

      • Kitty: And you were cheating?
        Bart: I didn't say I can't, I said I don't. In some of the games I get into it's dangerous enough to win honestly.
        Kitty: Well tell me, how do you do it?
        Bart: I'm enchanted.
        Kitty: Oh, now Bart, please tell me.
        Bart: Uh-uh, that's the first rule, you never tell a secret.
        Kitty: And you never break a rule?
        Bart: Well, not as a rule … All of us are secret keepers.

      • Bart: No ma'am, I'm not well enough to lick my weight in wildcats, never was.

      • Bart: I gotta get back in condition. Stayin' up nights, breathin' stale cigar smoke and livin' my full, rich life of devotion to my fellow man's money.

      • Sheriff: I believe her. I wouldn't believe you, mister, on your knees in church. And that's where I'd be if I was you.

      • Kitty: So you think I'm insane? So you'll humor me and then slip out that door and go straight to the Sheriff and tell him everything I said? (quietly scoffs) That's something you'll never do. Because if the Sheriff came to me I'd tell him this : that you killed Pete deliberately. I lied for you, yes, because you made me fall in love with you. I lied to protect you, because you wanted me enough to kill for me.
        Bart: 'Course. That's perfectly logical.
        Kitty: We're all alone with our secret, and it will hold us together. And sooner or later you'll have to turn to me because there won't be anybody else to turn to as long as you live.

      • Sheriff: I'm deputizing every hand on this ranch to keep an eye on you, Maverick, and I'll take any attempt to escape as an admission of guilt.
        Bart: I thought a man had to be tried and convicted before you could lock him up?
        Sheriff: That's what you've been. Bein' out of jail instead of in, let's call that a temporary technicality.

      • Kitty: I wasn't aiming at the cat. I hit what I was aiming at.
        Bart: Why? Why?
        Kitty: One of us had to do it. We both knew that, didn't we?

      • Bart: It's good I'm not a violent man, Kitty. 'Cause I couldn't afford to kill you now even if I wanted to.

      • Bart: I'm no hunter. I'm not even a very good shot.

      • Bart: I promised Pappy I'd never take a drink or a steady job.

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      • This is one of the darker episodes of the series. There is very little comedy here, which by then had become a hallmark of the series.

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