Season 1 Episode 16

Rage For Vengeance

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 12, 1958 on ABC



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    • Bret: Gentlemen, there are more important things than getting rich.

    • Gambler: Why I'm surprised at you Bret. You're no bluffer.

      Bret: I could be though. All I'm lacking is courage and an honest face. I don't want to go through life the way I am now - a simple country boy.

    • Bret: When you need help looking after your suitcase full of money, do you always pick a stranger?

    • Bret: It's a long way to go … when there's nobody to talk to.
      Margaret: You were talking.
      Bret: Occasionally, I like to hear somebody talking back. I suppose I could carry on a conversation with the suitcase. Money talks.

    • Bret: I always wanted to light a cigar with a hundred dollar bill. Satisfaction's real, even if the bill isn't.

    • Margaret: You're thoroughly enjoying yourself, aren't you, Mr. Maverick?
      Bret: Mrs. Ross, I've enjoyed myself more on the short end of a fistfight.

    • Grimes: When sheep and sodbusters move in on good range land, destroys a whole way of life. I've seen it happen in parts of Texas., and I don't want to see it happen here in Montana. Montana's opening up, Mrs. Ross, but it's gotta start right.

    • Bradshaw: What does a woman know about running a newspaper?

    • Margaret (speaking of her dead husband): To the very end, he had an obsession, a rage for vengeance. He felt that Grimes could be fought only with money. And he had no money, so … he printed his own.

    • (Bret faces off against Grimes)
      Bret: I said you killed her. You're also a liar and a coward.
      Grimes: So you're forcing a gunfight?
      Bret: No. You're a killer, and a liar and a coward. You wanna get on your horse now, and leave, I won't stop you.

    • Margaret (voicing her first editorial): Three more families of decent American farmers moved out of Sherman County last week - driven from their homes not by hunger, nor fatigue, nor the rigors of climate, but by the harassments, the violence and the organized economic pressure of a small, powerful, selfish group of men, the bully boys of the cattle clique. The cattlemen are organized and they are tireless. They are determined that Montana shall raise beef instead of families. We who would fight them must organize also, and must neither slumber nor sleep until we have established that Montana belongs not to cattle, but to people. The Times will identify the leading members of the cattlemen's cabal, each with his background and with his particular function in the plot against the people.

    • Bret: I never indulge in anything stronger than coffee.

    • Margaret (to Bret): When people think you have money they're delighted to lend you more.

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