Season 4 Episode 25

Red Dog

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 05, 1961 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Some men are afraid of the dark and some are afraid to leave it.

    • King: You wanted anyplace?
      Beau: (hesitates) Here and there…but I never had my full-page picture in the, uh, "Western Gazette."
      King: Yeah, not many of us do. Just a couple a two of us...General Custer, me…(he holds up his hand) Someone comin'…
      Beau: There is?
      King: Yeah. One man, leadin' his horse.
      Beau: What color boots?

    • Kid: Hey, you know what we done, Buckskin? Rode into Butte to a Judge, right next door to the Sheriff's office. (laughs) And as I was married, why the Sheriff was sittin' outside. We signed our real names, too. How's that for nerve, boy, hah?

    • Wolf: Since Kid has the lady with him, I reckon he'll have to sleep in the cave.
      Kid: Why, that's real neighborly of you, Wolf. Now, you see, it didn't hurt ya none to be nice to the lady, did it?
      Wolf: Yes, it did. 'Cause if you hadn't brought the woman around I was gonna sleep in there myself.

    • King (to Beau): Yes, sir, that Wolf seems to be a real mean feller. I guess one day I'm just gonna have to kill him.

    • (Beau is washing up in the river)
      Erma: Morning.
      Beau: Good morning. I hope you have a strong constitution, this water's like ice.
      Erma: I never wash much in the wintertime. (Beau looks ill)

    • Erma: And you look like one of them men who has a sweetheart in every town.
      Beau: Oh, I miss a town, here and there.

    • Wolf: Now you know why I don't like women around when there's work to be done.
      Kid: I'm sick and tired of you insultin' my woman, Wolf.
      Wolf: Don't start on me, Kid. I don't waste any time bluffin'. I'll just blast your head off.

    • Reese: Yes, I imagine Jess must've had a really big plan in mind.
      Kid: What do you mean "musta had", Judge?
      Reese: Well, I started not to ride out here at all. Three hard days, with no monetary benefit. Then I got to thinkin'. Friends of mine … sitting on cold, Montana rocks, with the winter breathing down their necks, waiting, waiting for something that's doomed never to appear.
      King: Judge, are you tryin' to tell us somethin'?
      Reese: Yes. Four days ago I was in a town called Laramie. I saw Jess gunned down in the street by a Marshall named Troop, Dan Troop.
      King: Yeah, I've heard of that Dan Troop - and his deputy.
      Kid: Yeah, so have I. Maybe you and me better take a ride through Laramie, Buckskin.
      King: Well, maybe someday, if I happen to be ridin' that way. Kid, I never go lookin' for trouble, and I never ride a mile outta my way to miss it, either.

    • Kid: What's brewin' under that fancy hat of yours, Judge?
      Reese: Kid, you've got an evil mind, brought about, I imagine, by some eighteen odd years of close association with yourself.

    • Reese: Do you realize that together we represent one of the strongest forces this side of the entire federal army. Look at us, look at me.
      King: Alright, Judge, I'm lookin'.
      Reese: Ah, you smirk. But at the same time, you must admit that my adventures in crime have given me a reputation in nine states - and I've never spent one day behind lock, key or bars.
      King: Oh, I'll allow you that.
      Reese: Well, my brain must have some small value.

    • Reese: I know a town, a rich new town. Rich, but so far - unrobbed. It supports a bright new bank with perhaps a half-million in silver coin sleeping in its virgin vaults.

    • Beau: Surely you aren't suggesting that I go along with you as your prisoner?
      Reese: You might find that predicament more desirable than its alternative.
      Kid (laughing): Ain't that a way to put it?

    • Reese: Don't try to bluff with a man who can see both sides of the cards. You never got any letter from Jess, that much I know.
      Beau: There's only one way you could be sure of that fact, Judge.
      Reese: How's that?
      Beau: The letters must've been sent by you. Am I right?
      Reese: You're a smart man and I never give direct answers to smart men. You may be right.

    • (The Kid begins beating Erma)
      Beau (tied up): Aren't you gonna stop him?
      Reese: It's his woman.

    • Wolf: You can smoke a cigarette, mister.
      Beau: Why?
      Wolf: That's how much time you've got left before I settle with you … Nobody hits me and lives.
      King: Uh, Red Dog … (hands Beau a lit cigarette and smiles)

    • Wolf: Alright, mister, it's your turn.
      Beau: Now, wait, I'm, uh, I'm not even armed.
      Wolf: You think that makes any difference to me?

    • King: You know, I never could figure out why I got a warm place for women like her … (to Beau) or men like you.

  • Notes

    • This episode marked the final appearance of Beau Maverick, as Roger Moore decided to leave the series when his contract with Warner Brothers expired. He returned to England to become Simon Templar on The Saint - and later, of course, James Bond. With several episodes remaining to be filmed in order to finish the season, Robert Colbert was brought in to play a fourth Maverick--younger brother Brent.

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