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  • A classy western classic, well ahead of its time ...

    Thanks to Encore's Western Chanel, Maverick rides again! And yes, the episodes appear to be both uncut and commercial free - running in order according to TV.Com's episode guide. As of Tuesday, Aug. 19th : the AM showing is episode #13 from Season 1, and the PM showing is episode 32 from Season 2.
    Maverick was ahead of its time in that the brothers used wit and intelligence to handle the strange situations that they found themselves in week after week. They could ride and shoot and there was often plenty of action, but their pappy didn't raise no foolish children, these boys used their big muscle. They were gamblers and con men, and yet honest and trustworthy - both heroes and anti-heroes, well-before that was considered the cool, 'in' thing.
    Standards were kept high for the writers, the stars and the first rate guest stars that appeared week after week. Unfortunately, as Mad_Buck pointed out in his review, things went downhill a bit once James Garner left the show to concentrate on movies, but it was great fun while it lasted - especially when brothers Bret and Bart were both in the same wild episode.
    This is great stuff, whether you're from the 1950's or not. Although I'm not a fan of b&w or mono sound, this show (with all three brothers : James Garner, Jack Kelly and Roger Moore) is a well-written, high quality classic. Enjoy, Pardner