Season 1 Episode 17

Rope Of Cards

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 19, 1958 on ABC



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    • Price (laughing): Look's like your luck's changin', Mr. Maverick.
      Sheriff: Mr. Maverick?
      Bret: Yeah, Sheriff?
      Sheriff: I wonder if you'd mind walkin' over to the jail with me
      Bret (grinning): What's the charge?
      Sheriff: Murder. (Bret looks worried) Well, you didn't do it. Young fella over there's in trouble, seems to think you can help him out of it.
      Bret: Well, I don't know, I'm in a bit of trouble here myself.
      Sheriff: Yours can keep, his can't.

    • (the Sheriff wants Bret for juror duty)
      Bret: But I don't have a permanent home here.
      Charlie: Oh, you can stay at my home while you're on the jury, Mr. Maverick. I've got a spare room and I …
      Sheriff: Charlie.
      Bret: I have no interests in this town, no business, no nothin'.
      Sheriff: What are you doing in town?
      Bret: Playing cards.
      Sheriff: How do you make a livin'?
      Bret: Playing cards.
      Sheriff: Then you got a business. Let's go.

    • Jabe: Is that the best story you got to tell?
      Billy: Yes.
      Jabe: Don't ring true. If you wanna make any changes, got anything to tell me, it's the last chance to do it.
      Billy: No. No, no, there's nothin'.
      Lucy: Billy didn't murder John Sloan, Jabe. I believe him. Shouldn't you believe him too?
      Jabe: I should. Yes, I should.

    • Blaine: Hello, Jabe, been a long time, hasn't it?
      Jabe: Not near long enough.
      Blaine: Oh, come now, just because we're on opposite sides here, there's no reason we can't be friendly.
      Jabe: I got reason enough without that.
      Blaine: Oh, don't be a fool, Jabe. We've butted heads before, but that's all in the past.
      Jabe: I never saw a bobcat go to eatin' grass.
      Blaine: We've both had a few years to, uh, forget our differences. We're older now.
      Jabe: The older a rattlesnake gets, the more poison he's got in 'im.

    • Blaine: Oh, you're a bitter man, Jabe - bitter because a younger man could shake himself loose from this cow town, make something better for himself.
      Jabe: Yeah, better for himself, but not better for the people. You don't give two hoots for 'em, you never have - but you could end up being their Governor if somebody don't get in your way.
      Blaine: You think you can stop me?
      Jabe: I can stop you from usin' Billy Gregg as a steppin' stone.
      Blaine (chuckles): Not with the case you've got, Jabe.
      Jabe: Maybe not, but you'll know you've been in a fight.

    • Sloan: Why don't you mortgage your house and your beef? Deal 'em, Logan.
      Billy: I tried the bank and every other place I could think of after that.
      Sloan: So, I'm the last chance, eh, last one you can turn to?
      Billy: Yeah, that's right.
      Sloan: Must stick in your craw to have to come to me.
      Billy: A man don't like to ask money from anyone.
      Sloan: Yeah, least of all me
      Billy: If you say so.

    • Sloan: Look, I don't wanna lend! Now stop beggin'.
      Billy: I shouldn't have to, Sloan. When you was gettin' started, my father lent you $3,000. You never paid it back. You owe me three thousand.
      Sloan: I didn't pay that debt for a good reason. Besides, it's run over so long a period of time, it's outlawed. It's uncollectable by law!
      Billy: That's book law. There's other laws should hold a man.

    • (Bret stops Billy from shootin' it out with Sloan)
      Bret: I wouldn't want you killin' him. He's winnin' a lot of my money.

    • Jabe: You mean he just as good as called this boy's father a thief?
      Charlie: He couldn't a said it no plainer
      Blaine: I'd like to point out that insult's aren't shooting licenses.
      Jabe: Seems you don't need no license to go shootin' off your mouth.

    • Pike: One not guilty? Is somebody trying to make a joke outta this?
      Bret: You sound as if a man doesn't have a right to his own vote.
      Pike: It was you?
      Bret: That's right.
      Pike: You got no right to hold things up, you don't even belong in this town.

    • Bret: First, I'd like to suggest a little bet to Mr. Pike.
      Foreman: A bet?
      Juror: We haven't got time for that.
      Bret: Well, business is where you find it.

    • Juror: Mr. Maverick said "reasonable doubt", well I've got one. Everybody knows Sloan was a hard man - and not the straightest when he figured to lose. You oughta know that Pike, you and him had trouble when he cheated at cards.
      Pike: That was between him and me. I knew it - and he knew he couldn't get away with it.
      Bret: But a man who'll cheat once will cheat twice.

    • Bret: You're a poker player, Mr. Pike, and you're a pretty good one - even though you only bet on sure things. But, haven't there been times when the sure thing didn't pay off? When your opinion was wrong? Isn't there just the least chance that Bill Gregg is innocent?
      Pike: Not a chance!

    • Bret: Now let's make our bet. I say that in those 25 cards, that you dealt, from a pack that you shuffled and cut, there are five pat hands - not in regular order, you understand, but the five pat hands are there. Do you believe that?
      Pike: Five pat hands in these 25 cards? No … no, I don't.
      Bret: I'll bet another five hundred - and Bill Gregg's life - that there is.
      Price: Oh, wait a second, Maverick. You're a gambler and can risk your cash, but … you can't put up a man's life against …
      Pike: Look, hold on, wait a minute. Wait. This is between Maverick and me - he named it.

    • Pike: There's a Joker here somewhere. You're tryin' to trick me into votin' your way.
      Bret: Don't you trust your opinion?
      Pike: You're a professional.
      Bret: I haven't handled the deck. The best manipulator in the world can't control a deck he hasn't touched.

    • Bret: We got four flushes and a straight, Mr. Pike. Five pat hands - a diamond flush, spade flush, club flush, heart flush and a king-high straight. (amazed jurors clamor)
      Price: FIVE PAT HANDS!
      Pike (suspicious): Maverick, how many times can five pat hands be made out of any 25 cards?
      Bret: Practically every time. I call it Maverick solitaire.

    • Price: For a while there, I thought we never would reach a verdict.
      Bret: Well, hangin' the jury woulda been better than hangin' Billy.
      Price: Come to think of it, we never did take a final poll. Did Pike ever say "nor guilty"?
      Bret: Well … not in so many words, but, we made a bargain.

    • Pike: Well, you made me look pretty foolish.
      Bret: I'm sorry, Pike. I was just betting that you were a … pretty good man - and a fair one. How about a little poker? I can get back to business now.

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