Season 3 Episode 2

Royal Four Flush

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 20, 1959 on ABC
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Royal Four Flush
In order to retrieve $4,000 that a con man owes him, Bart finds himself playing along with the man's scam against a Virginia City mining tycoon.

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    David Frankham

    David Frankham

    Capt. Fitzgerald

    Guest Star

    Roxane Berard

    Roxane Berard

    Liz Bancroft

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    Roberta Shore

    Roberta Shore

    Judy Mason

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      • Pappyism: Stay clear of weddings, 'cause one of 'em's liable to be your own.

      • Bart: A big, noisy boomtown is no place for a man who, like myself, enjoys a more peaceful and less complicated surrounding. But, when a man suddenly finds himself in alarming need of immediate opportunity, then the bigger the boomtown, the better.

      • Fitzgerald: Uh, but it's only a matter of time and I'll have your money for ya. (Bart smiles) Don't ya trust me?
        Bart: With all my heart, Captain, just so long as I'm close enough to reach out and grab you … Hey, Fitz, uh, this countess of yours, is she, uh …
        Fitzgerald: Now, see here, Bart …
        Bart: No, no, no, I mean attractive. Uh, or suitable subject for your, uh, celebrated Iris charm.
        Fitzgerald: My dear Bart, the Countess de la Fontaine happens to be dull, fat and fifty - a bit of an old baggage, you might say.

      • Placer Jack: Well, there's no accountin' for female taste. I knew a woman once in the mother lode country kept a rattlesnake for a pet.
        Bart: Well, I've met a couple of snakes in my time that, uh, kept a woman for a pet.

      • Placer Jack: You must be new to Virginia City, Maverick, don't recall seein' you around.
        Bart: Well, I manage to pass through every now and then.
        Placer Jack: On business or, uh, pleasure?
        Bart: Well, business in Virginia City has a strange way of turnin' into pleasure.
        Placer Jack: Maverick, you ain't just a card, you're the whole deck.

      • Placer Jack: You are tryin' to blackmail me!
        Bart: Blackmail? After you skipped out owing me money? Now look, Fitz, you pay me and I'll disappear just as fast as a white chip in a losing streak. But until then, (Bart laughs and puts on a "country" accent) well, old Placer Jack and me, we'll get along just fine, like a coupla hogs in a waller.

      • Placer Jack: Hey, how are you at sawin'?
        Bart: Well, I don't mind if I don't.
        Placer Jack: Man likes to use his hand once in a while.
        Bart: Well, I use mine, but, uh, usually on something a little slicker.
        Placer Jack: Yeah, like cards?
        Bart: Yes, I've wiled away an hour playing poker now and then.

      • Bart: (thinking) I had two aces and two threes, this game was too rich for anybody's blood. Five aces all totaled? In one game?

      • Fitzgerald: You got your money. Go ahead and vanish, will you?
        Bart: Uh-uh, I still have your I.O.U. and, uh, you still owe me four thousand.
        Fitzgerald: You have the nature of a dishonest tax collector. You got your money last night.
        Bart: No, last night was one game. Your I.O.U. represents another game.

      • Fitzgerald: T'would be simpler if friend Maverick were out of the way completely.
        Liz: Don't get out of character, Fitz. Violence isn't exactly your specialty.

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