Maverick - Season 5

ABC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • The Golden Fleecing

    Amateur stockbroker Bart Maverick finds himself in desperate need of a crash-course on how to "play the market" before he gets played and some poor, trusting, "faithful" farmers get fleeced out of everything they own.

  • A Technical Error
    A Technical Error
    Episode 5

    Bart Maverick thinks he's finally hit the jackpot when he wins a bank in a poker game, and his buddy Doc Holiday is brimming with schemes to "legally" make them both filthy rich. Unfortunately,the bank turns out to have a serious dark side and people are beginning to ask questions.

  • The Art Lovers
    The Art Lovers
    Episode 2

    When "Colonel" Maverick loses his backer's money, he is cast adrift as an indentured servant and even set upon by Barbary pirates and rich tycoons. However, Bart has two aces up his sleeve: an old con artist friend and the Mona Lisa.

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face
    Episode 6

    Led by a pompous businessman and a holier-than-thou preacher, Bart's fellow stagecoach passengers shun him when they discover that he's a gambler but he might be their only hope for salvation once bandits attack.

  • The Maverick Report
    Bart "wins" the Porterville Clarion, a crusading newspaper, from a friend - who then turns up dead. When the corrupt political machine the Clarion has been attacking turns its legal guns on Bart, he hoodwinks his good friend, Doc Holiday, into becoming a not-so-silent partner.
  • Three Queens Full
    Three Queens Full
    Episode 4

    Wealthy rancher Joe Wheelwright, putting the "cart" before the horse, forces Maverick to chaperon three women arriving from San Francisco to marry his "three fine sons"...Henry, Small Paul and Moose. However, the three "ladies" in question seem to have larceny on their minds, not romance.

  • One Of Our Trains Is Missing

    Bart Maverick once again gets pulled into one of Modesty Blaine's schemes. But this time, other schemers have other plans and they all unfold on a missing train which could well be Bart's last ride.

  • Dade City Dodge
    Dade City Dodge
    Episode 1

    Maverick tracks down his "friend" Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5000. Things get complicated when he's joined along the way by sly and beautiful Marla, who Gates left "at the altar", absconding with the diamond engagement ring she bought.

  • The Troubled Heir
    The Troubled Heir
    Episode 11

    Pearly Gates strikes again when he and his female accomplice Marla rob Bart's poker game. A fellow player in the game threatens to kill them and Bart too unless he gets his money back.

  • Epitaph For A Gambler

    Maverick rides into Sunrise and plays a game he never plays. Then, while sticking around to collect his winnings, he begins to play a far more dangerous game with Linda Storey even more dangerous than the one he's forced to play with the local blackmailer and his brother's gang.

  • Marshal Maverick
    Marshal Maverick
    Episode 10

    When circumstances force Bart to kill the killer of Abilene's marshal, not only is he not thanked, but he's threatened with jail unless he becomes the town's new marshal, albeit, only temporarily, he's told, just until the famed Wyatt Earp can arrive to take over. But, of course, it doesn't turn out to be quite that cut and dried.

  • The Money Machine
    The Money Machine
    Episode 12

    Developments quickly get out of hand when Bart Maverick's "grown-up" cousin brings him money from Pappy with instructions to pay off a debt, and then promptly gets conned out of the cash leaving Bart to dodge Pappy's creditors while attempting to swindle the swindlers.

  • Mr. Muldoon's Partner

    Is Bart dreaming or is a leprechaun really offering to grant him five wishes? When the first wish goes awry, Bart's suspicions redouble and, as usual, things run downhill from there.