Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 17, 1957 on ABC



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    • Pompey: When'd he crawl on board?
      Cadiz: I see you have a new stable of harpies, Madame Pompey, it was about time.
      Pompey: Harpies, my bustle! Why these are sweet and genteel girls, straight out of finishing school in St. Louie - and each one a gifted entertainer.
      Cadiz: So gifted, you had to drag them to Deadwood to make a living?
      Pompey: Girls, hey girls! Girls, I've got somebody I want you to meet … Girls, you can look east, you can look west, you can look north or you can look south - but you're never gonna find a dirtier louse than Tony Cadiz … If he comes near ya, just spit in his eye.

    • Bret: Pompey, set 'em up for the girls.
      Pompey: Hey! I didn't know you were a drinker.
      Bret: Well, I'm not, doesn't keep me from buyin' for my friends.

    • (Bret and Dandy Jim are stranded on a small island)
      Bret: What're you doin' here? Eh, no, don't tell me, I know.
      Buckley: Well … I bought a new hold out clamp device, worked on springs. It could drop an ace into your palm with a flick of the wrist. (chuckling) It was amazing … Then the blasted contraption developed a squeak.
      Bret (laughing): Must have been embarrassing.
      Buckley: Oh, the skipper of The Far West was … not a reasonable man. He stripped me of every dollar, then marooned me on this disgusting mud bank.

    • Bret (voiceover): By nightfall, we'd crossed the ridge and come down into the mountain meadow. There was only one thing wrong. The meadow had sprouted a full-size town.
      Buckley: Well, don't look at me like that, how was I to know?
      Bret: That's what I'm wondering.

    • (Bret punches Buckley, knocking him to the ground)
      Buckley: Now what the devil was that for?
      Bret: You knew they built the jail over there. You've been here before.
      Buckley: Here!? (Bret glares at him) Well, uh, as a matter of fact, yes, I have been. That was another reason for the 50%, I needed help.
      Bret: Why pick on me?
      Buckley: Well, there was no-one else here I could trust. So, I was on my way to St. Louis to get my - my cousin, whom I don't trust very much either, when I ran into you. And your greatest weakness, my friend, is that you're completely trustworthy. (Bret scoffs) Also, I needed someone with special qualities - a strong man for the digging and a man who won't mind being tossed into jail (Bret appears startled) … for $20,000.

    • Bret: And that's when you hand me the tools thru the window?
      Buckley: Yes, of course.
      Bret: And then I hand you the … gold back thru the window?
      Buckley: Yes!
      Bret: And I'm left there all alone, locked up tight.
      Buckley: Maverick, my friend, have I ever given you cause to think … (Bret just stares at him) Oh, I have, eh? All right, then suppose you come up with a better plan.
      Bret (pulling out a deck of cards): Low man goes to jail.
      Buckley: Oh, no, no. I'm supplying the brains in this deal. You, my friend, the brawn.
      Bret: Cut or get yourself another jailbird.

    • Buckley: I'll take that gold, friend Maverick. Try anything and you'll stop a bullet.
      Bret: Buckley, you're a crook and a cheat and a double-crosser. But you're not a killer. You could no more squeeze that trigger than quit markin' decks.
      Buckley: Lash those sacks onto my spare horse, friend.
      Bret: The only way you'll get 'em is with a bullet.
      (Buckley shrugs and points the gun at Maverick, but he can't pull the trigger)
      Buckley: You know … I could learn to dislike you intensely.

    • (Bret's tricked Buckley by turning in the gold for a 10% reward)
      Bret : Aw, cheer up, friend Buckley. We still have $2,000 apiece and a clear conscience.
      Buckley: A clear conscience? We just lost $36,000! I've pulled some pretty mean tricks in my day, but I've never stooped to such foul, nauseating …

    • Bret: Mighty pretty country ya got here. Little lonely, though, isn't it, Noah?
      Noah: Oh, shucks, it ain't lonely, Mr. Maverick. Why I got lotsa friends here. There's bear, coon, birds, elk - why the whole valley's full of friends. Long about dark, why, they all come up to my house and we sit around and … watch the stars and … it's quiet and peaceful, but it ain't lonely.

    • Cadiz: Like I said, I've been cleaning up big, but I've been smart with it. I gave some away - a little here, a little there - so that now I've got a lot of friends. They'd back any play I'd make.
      Bret: Big gun, huh?
      Cadiz: The biggest. Now, you boys had a little tough luck in the past, you might even consider it a raw deal.
      Bret: You've got another name for it?
      Cadiz: No, but I'll give you a friendly tip : just forget about it and charge it up to experience, cause if you don't, you might run into trouble. I wouldn't want that to happen, especially to a couple of old friends.

    • Cadiz: Who is this fella?
      Pompey: Just call him Pompey's mystery man.
      Cadiz: Is this some pug you imported from back East?
      Pompey: Doesn't matter who it is, the posters challenge all comers - 2 to 1 odds.
      Cadiz: I know what the posters say, but I wanna look at anybody the battler fights before I place any bets.
      Pompey: Tryin' to crawfish out, huh?
      Cadiz: No, but I run my business according to Hoyle - and I'd like a look at the outside of your mystery man ahead of time. Not his wears! For all I know you may be draggin' in a grizzly bear.
      Pompey: Hah! He's hairy, but he's no grizzly bear, although the Battler might think he was afterwards.

    • Bret: Well, I'm sorry about this, Noah, but … Cadiz, who owns the Battler, is worse than a dear killer, he's a thief!
      Buckley: He stole $7,000 from me an-and over four thousand from Mr. Maverick.
      Bret: You wanna buy that valley, doncha?
      Noah: I got no call to fight the Battler now.
      Buckley: Look, Noah, your friends have got $10,000 bet on you. You don't want us to lose everything we got?
      Noah: I'm mighty sorry, Mr. Buckley, but fightin' without just cause is plumb agin my principles.
      Buckley: Principles be hanged! I've got $2,000 riding on you!

    • Buckley (between rounds): His belly, Maverick, his belly! You haven't been working on it … Uh, but you're going great!
      Bret (almost knocked out): Aw, shut up.

    • Bret: Well, Marshal, you heard the gentleman's evil intent. What he had in mind oughta rate about thirty days?
      Marshal: No, with blastin' powder, it's, uh, sixty days.
      Bret: Well, let's go over to your office and divide up the money. (to Buckley in his jail cell) We'll leave your share with the Marshal.
      Buckley: No, no. You can't do this to me. I was only trying to help.
      Bret: Your share - minus a thousand for Noah.
      Buckley: Maverick. I'm your friend. Didn't I pull you from the river? Didn't I let you in on the gold? Didn't I get you tossed into jail so you could … Good heavens, what am I saying?

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