Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 17, 1957 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Cadiz: Who is this fella?
      Pompey: Just call him Pompey's mystery man.
      Cadiz: Is this some pug you imported from back East?
      Pompey: Doesn't matter who it is, the posters challenge all comers - 2 to 1 odds.
      Cadiz: I know what the posters say, but I wanna look at anybody the battler fights before I place any bets.
      Pompey: Tryin' to crawfish out, huh?
      Cadiz: No, but I run my business according to Hoyle - and I'd like a look at the outside of your mystery man ahead of time. Not his wears! For all I know you may be draggin' in a grizzly bear.
      Pompey: Hah! He's hairy, but he's no grizzly bear, although the Battler might think he was afterwards.