Season 4 Episode 29

Substitute Gun

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 02, 1961 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Sheriff: You owe me somethin', Maverick - your life.
      Bart: You were just doing exactly what your job calls for, Sheriff. I don't owe you a thing.
      Sheriff: Maybe I'm wrong … 'bout the whole thing. Maybe you and Smiley came to town to rob the bank, only you got cold feet, tried to leave and Smiley went out after you.
      Bart: Oh well, Sheriff, that's nonsense …
      Sheriff: 'Course I can't be positive. I would have to lock you up, make sure you weren't wanted somewhere else - hadn't take more than a month or two to find that out.
      Bart: Oh! Well, my apologies, sheriff, I can see that you're the kind of a man who upholds the law, even if he has to … bend it a little.
      Sheriff: Kind of a funny way to put it, Maverick, but you got the idea.