Season 4 Episode 18

The Cactus Switch

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 15, 1961 on ABC



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    • Monty: It'll cost you ten more blues, Mr. Edmunds.
      Bart: Well, this is getting pretty expensive. We haven't even drawn cards yet.
      Monty: That's the way poker's played and you wanted to learn
      Bart: Oh, I do. Yes, I do. Uh, let me see. (looks at notes) A straight beats three of a kind and a flush beats a straight. Uh, well, I suppose I better call.

    • Monty: How much have you got in front of you, Mr. Edmunds?
      Bart: Hmmm? Well, I have these blues and, uh, some reds and these whites.
      Monty: I tap you.
      Bart: You tap me?
      Monty: The works.
      Bart: (smiles and laughs) Oh! Say, this is getting exciting.
      Gates: I'm in for this. You better be able to beat a flush.
      Monty: You haven't looked at your cards yet.
      Bart: Hmm? Oh, so I haven't.
      Monty: I've got aces full.
      Bart: Oh, dear. Well…(turns over his cards, one by one) Oh, just two pair.
      Man: Four deuces! Yippee!
      Bart: Does that mean I win? (looks at notes) Four of a kind! Oh, this is beginner's luck. Oh, gentlemen, thank you very much. I, uh, hope you don't mind if I cash in. (collects all the chips) You know, this is a good game. Is that mine too?

    • (Beau sneaks into Bart's room, avoiding Bart's blow)
      Beau: Now, you wouldn't hit your ever lovin' cousin Beau, would you, cousin Bart?

    • Bart: Just thinkin' about you, Beau.
      Beau: Really?
      Bart: Uh, I was wishin' I wasn't so flat broke, then I could pay you that thousand dollars I owe you.
      Beau: But you can't, eh?
      Bart: Uh, no, I just arrived in town this afternoon. I haven't had a chance to get organized. You know how that is.
      Beau: Oh, I know. (scoffs) I know … Mr. Edmunds.

    • Beau: You're sitting on it, Cousin Bart.
      Bart: Eh?
      Beau: The money.
      Bart: Oh, yeah, the money. I, uh, I owe you a thousand, isn't that right?
      Beau: Right.
      Bart: Will hundreds do?
      Beau: Fine.
      (Bart begins counting silently)
      Bart: … seven, eight, nine … ten.
      (Beau quickly grabs another hundred from the pile)
      Beau: That's ten. The first one stuck to your fingers.

    • Bart: Oh, now, use your head, Sheriff, the man is a crook. He set up this swindle and I fell for it. Me, Bart Maverick.
      Sheriff: Maverick? You said your name was Edmunds.

    • (Bart is put in the jail cell)
      Sheriff: Now don't you be givin' this prisoner any trouble, unless you want your hanging shoved up a coupla days.
      Bart: Hanging?
      Sheriff: Mr. Maverick, this is Red Daniels. You two try to get along.
      Daniels: What did you do? Not much, I'll bet.
      Bart: You're right. I-I was framed.
      Daniels (laughs): Like to have a dollar every time I've used that one.

    • Daniels: Go ahead, tell me about it.
      Bart: It's a long story.
      Daniels: I got plenty a time, till Thursday, six o'clock in the mornin' - that stupid son a mine doesn't show up.
      Bart: I assume you killed a man.
      Daniels: Three of 'em. Two of 'em I was aimin' at, third was just passin' as I left the bank.

    • Lana: I just feel like this whole thing is my fault. I don't even care about the money.
      Daniels: You don't care about sixty-five hundred dollars, lady? You must be sick.

    • Daniels: You mean you and that lady are payin' $10,000 just to get out of this poke?
      Bart: And to avoid a legal suit.
      Daniels: Get the man shot for a hundred dollars.

    • Lana: I heard about the jailbreak. Are you all right?
      Bart: Oh, I just have to get the glass replaced in my jaw.

    • Luke: Ain't it somethin' to watch one of these Maverick boys when he's schemin'? You can just hear the wheels a grindin'.

    • (the stage is stopped by fake "Indians")
      Stage Guard: Isn't he …
      Andy: No, no. You musta been drinkin'.
      Stage Guard: Well, they ain't been any Indians on this road for 20 years.
      Andy: The Stragglers. They're more dangerous than the Cherokees.
      Stage Guard: They're not Cherokees. They ain't anything.
      (one of the "Indians" gets his head-dress caught in a branch)
      Stage Guard: A blonde Indian?

    • Daniels: You're a prayin' man, you got about ten seconds.
      Bart: I couldn't even get warmed up in less than five minutes.
      Daniels: All right then, you can go cold.

    • Bart: Well, cousin Beau, bless you. You figured there was trouble, didn't you? (Beau shakes his head "No") You knew when I asked for that money back, I also needed help? (Beau shakes "No") Now, Beau, you came running to help your cousin, to save his life, didn't you? (Beau shakes "No") Oh?
      (Beau takes the money and begins counting silently)
      Beau: … seven, eight, nine … ten.
      Bart: Uh-uh! (Bart takes a hundred from Beau's pile) That makes ten. The first two stuck to your fingers.

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