Season 2 Episode 1

The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 21, 1958 on ABC
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Wrongfully convicted of robbery and murder, Bret is scheduled to be hanged. However, with the connivance of a crooked sheriff and coroner, he just might be able to cheat the gallows.

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    Jay Novello

    Jay Novello

    Coroner Oliver Poole

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    Whitney Blake

    Whitney Blake


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    John Cliff

    John Cliff

    Cliff Sharp

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This episode, which opens the second season, marks the first time the lyrics of the Maverick theme song are sung during the ending credits of an episode. Thereafter, the song would appear sporadically, occasionally offering different verses.

      • Discontinuity : In this episode, which takes place in 1876, we are told that Bret was born on April 7, 1847, but, in a later episode, The Misfortune Teller, Bret says that he was born on May 11th.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (the sheriff is checking the strength of the gallows' rope)
        Sheriff: Hey, Maverick, how much do you weigh?
        Bret: Ninety-eight pounds.

      • Sheriff: Mr. Maverick, I wish you had've been more cooperative, it gives the town kind of a funny feeling hangin' a man that's so unfriendly.
        Bret: Mean to say this is the first time you've strung up the wrong man?
        Sheriff: Oh, no, I mean yes. What I mean is this is the first time we strung up any man, legal. Oh, we had our share of lynchin's, yeah, but we're doin' this right, with a fair trial and a legal execution - modern equipment, progress. And so what happens? You come along and throw a damper on the whole thing by holdin' out on the money.
        Bret: I'm sure sorry to be a wet blanket. But that's the trouble with innocent men. They're just no fun at a hangin'.

      • Bret: I couldn't eat breakfast at 7:00 AM on any mornin'.

      • Sheriff: Uh, this brother of yours, you know, the one that you said could prove that you wasn't here in Hallelujah that night? Now he could certainly use the five thousand, couldn't he? Why don't ya think about him?
        Bret: Well, I have been thinkin' about him, Sheriff. I've been thinkin' about how we tossed a coin to see who'd go east and who'd go west, thinkin' about how he'd be here instead of me if that coin'd come up tails. With luck like that, he doesn't need my money, Sheriff.

      • Sheriff: Take a look at them gallows out there in that courtyard
        Bret: No thanks, I've seen it.
        Sheriff: Well, then you seen how we got that tarpaulin draped all around the bottom of the platform?
        Bret: Yeah, that's very pretty.
        Sheriff: Well, that was put there because the ladies of the town thought it would make a much neater hangin' if nobody was to see the body a danglin' once it dropped through the trap.
        Bret: It?
        Sheriff: Yeah, you.

      • Claude: You gotta give him credit, though. He took it real nice. I never seen a neater hangin'.

      • Bret: I'd like to leave you with one last thought. If it hadn't been for those two crooks you have behind bars there, this whole town … woulda been guilty of hanging an innocent man. So remember, Mayor : "There's a little good in the worst of us."
        Ollie: Now what's going to happen?

      • Sheriff: Looks like you got important company comin'. The mayor and the whole honkin' town council's headin' this way.
        Bret: See anything that looks like a pardon?
        Sheriff: (chuckles) You got a good sense of humor.
        Bret: Yeah, be the death of me yet.

      • Pappyism: There's more than one way to please a lady.

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