Season 4 Episode 26

The Deadly Image

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 12, 1961 on ABC



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    • Tellson: Hold it, Claxton, don't come any further.
      Bart: Whoa, now, take it easy fella.
      Tellson: So ya had to come out in the open? Your gun-whelps couldn't finish the job.
      Bart: Look, my name isn't Claxton, it's Maverick.

    • (Bart finishes burying the gunman)
      Bart: Well, that's finished.
      Tellson: Hardly worth the trouble, I'd say.
      Bart: You should respect the dead, mister, no matter what they were like alive.
      Tellson: Why?
      Bart: You're lucky, if that slug had creased your skull just a quarter of an inch deeper, you wouldn't be talkin' right now.
      Tellson: Pays to have a hard head.

    • Bart: All right, I wanna make Fort Bozeman by tonight.
      Tellson: You, uh, you know anybody at the fort?
      Bart: No, but it seemed like a safe place to bed down.
      Tellson: Better keep ridin'.
      Bart: Why?
      Tellson: Well, with somebody who looks as much like Rod Claxton as you do, they're liable to shoot first and ask questions later.
      Bart: Now, Tellson, I know this is tough country and the Army's havin' a big job keepin' a lid on it, but you can't tell me that they're gonna just go shooting at somebody without a good reason.
      Tellson: All right, if you wanna be a trusting soul … that's your affair.

    • Lt. Reed: Hold, both of you. You're under arrest. Don't try to escape or I'll…
      Bart: I know, Lieutenant, you'll shoot first and ask questions later.
      Lt. Reed: Don't give me any provocation, Claxton.
      Bart: I'm not Claxton.

    • Capt. Ranson: So, you finally slipped up, Claxton?
      Bart: Captain, I …
      Capt. Ranson: Silence.
      Bart: I have a right to be heard, sir, and I intend to make that …
      Capt. Ranson: Sergeant, if he opens his mouth again, shut it for him.
      Sgt. Rafferty: Yes, sir.
      Lt. Reed: He claims he isn't Claxton, sir.
      Capt. Ranson: Naturally.
      Lt. Reed: He claims his name is Maverick.
      Capt. Ranson: So your name is Maverick? (nods towards Tellson) And I suppose that's Little Miss Muffet.

    • Bart: Captain, I've had all this I can take. My name is Bart Maverick and I can prove it.
      Capt. Ranson: With stolen credentials? We're not as stupid as you think.
      Sgt. Rafferty: Ya can leave walkin, or bein' carried. What's your choice?

    • (The sergeant has Bart write his name to compare signatures)
      Rafferty: They're identical all right.
      Bart: Well now, sergeant, that oughta prove something.
      Rafferty: Sure. It proves you shoulda taken up forgery, instead a killin' and robbin'.

    • Bart: Your gratitude overwhelms me. Standin' there babblin' off like a fountain, you coulda told them I wasn't Claxton.
      Tellson: Wouldn't have done any good, the Captain expected me to back up your story. In the mood he was in, we'd both be hangin' out there in the sun by our thumbs.

    • Bart: Suppose you don't catch up with Claxton when you get outta here? What then?
      Tellson: You won't be the first innocent man to feel a rope around his neck.

    • Capt. Ranson: Doesn't look like much of an escort, does it? Well, it's my hope the rest of your band of cut-throats will think the same thing. Lt. Reed, up sides! (the wagon's canvas covering is lifted, revealing more troops ) By now, your friends will know you've been taken. They'll be looking for a chance to set ya free. Well, we're gonna give 'em that chance - with certain reservations.

    • Tellson: That was my mistake. When I took that last jolt for him I told him about the old man and the girl, asked him to look out for them, see that they didn't want for nothin'.
      Bart: Then it started to look like you and Helene all over again, is that it?
      Tellson: No. I loved Helene. I married her all legal and proper. But Claxton is using the girl like he uses everybody else. That's why I gotta kill him before it's too late.

    • (Bart helps Tellson down from his horse)
      Bart: He's hurt bad. Help me get him into the house.
      Rambeau: Huh! Soldiers, always seem to hit the wrong one.

    • Rambeau: Who are you?
      Bart: Now what kind of a question is that?
      Rambeau: I don't know what your game is, but you are not that two-legged swine Claxton. My ears now do the work of my eyes. Your voice tells me you are not he.

    • Bart: I just can't understand how you'd ever let Caprice get mixed-up with a man like him.
      Rambeau: She has her mother's blood.
      Bart: Mother had your blood. (Papa raises his cane) No, it's too late for that cane, Papa, you shoulda used that twenty years ago.
      Rambeau: It's as you say, it's too late now. I am an old man, but I'm not helpless.
      Bart: I didn't say that.

    • Bart: I know what it meant, Caprice. He promised you a lot of things.
      Caprice: Pretty clothes. Places like New Orleans and San Francisco. He promised to take me away from these lonely mountains.
      Bart: I understand.
      Caprice: How could you? I didn't understand myself until today.
      Bart: You're a brave girl.
      Caprice: Do you know when I first began to understand? When you kissed me. It was so different, so gentle. I never felt that way with Rod before. Would you kiss me again?

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