Season 4 Episode 26

The Deadly Image

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 12, 1961 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bart: All right, I wanna make Fort Bozeman by tonight.
      Tellson: You, uh, you know anybody at the fort?
      Bart: No, but it seemed like a safe place to bed down.
      Tellson: Better keep ridin'.
      Bart: Why?
      Tellson: Well, with somebody who looks as much like Rod Claxton as you do, they're liable to shoot first and ask questions later.
      Bart: Now, Tellson, I know this is tough country and the Army's havin' a big job keepin' a lid on it, but you can't tell me that they're gonna just go shooting at somebody without a good reason.
      Tellson: All right, if you wanna be a trusting soul … that's your affair.