Season 4 Episode 31

The Devil's Necklace (Part 1)

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 16, 1961 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Score: You're an anchor, that's what you are, Angel. Me tryin' to get up in the world and you holdin' me back, just like an anchor.
      Angel: Well, is it my fault Maverick showed up here?
      Score: It's not only just Maverick, it's you yourself. How many times a day have you nearly let it slip what you used to be?
      Angel: I can't see where it would be so terrible if people knew the truth.
      Score: Of course not. Of course not. General, this is the little woman. If you applaud real loud maybe she'll throw you one of her garters, just like in the old days at the "Pink Tambourine". And now, sir, how about a promotion?
      Angel: And is your way any better, Paul? Stepping on Maverick's neck and the Commandant's neck and everybody else's neck just like they were … so many rungs of a ladder!
      Score: Anyway to get to the top is the right way.