Season 4 Episode 28

The Forbidden City

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 26, 1961 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: In the midst of life, we are in jail.

    • Pappyism: Never debate the innocence of a drinking woman or a man in jail.

    • Brent: Where you bound?
      Bart: Abilene. Trail herds are comin' in this time of year and lots of well-heeled cowboys on the loose. I figure to keep them from wastin' their wages on women and wine.
      Brent: Sounds like the promised land. (fans a deck of cards) Perhaps a little conditioning en route to wile away the dusty miles?

    • Brent: I'm diggin' your grave, friend with five little spades.
      Sheriff Shadley: It's your own grave you've dug, mister. Gamblin's forbidden here in Sunburst. It's the law.
      Brent: But Sheriff, legally we're not in Sunburst. Stagecoach is a public area, and friends and I are just passing through.
      Sheriff Shadley: Is that right, gents?
      Bart: Uh, yes, Sheriff.
      Sheriff Shadley: Who owns them cards?
      Bart: Uh, this gentleman.
      Brent: You snake.

    • Joanne: You see, Sunburst is the one untarnished town in the west. Gamblers, gunfighters, dancing girls are taboo.
      Brent: What do the people do for fun and games in Forbidden City?
      Joanne: They don't. Our one saloon closes at six o'clock.
      Brent: Uh, say no more. You better wall me up, Sheriff, before I contaminate the population.

    • Brent: Tell me, Sheriff, what's this scoundrel guilty of - dancing with his wife after dark?
      Sheriff Shadley: Property damage, disturbin' the peace, public nuisance. He, uh, picked up a rock, and with willful intent, broke a window.
      Brent: What does he get for that? Life?
      Sheriff Shadlkey: Gambler, bein' dog catcher around here, as well as sheriff, I'm liable to fit you for a muzzle.

    • Brent: You spent 20 years in a clink? For what?
      Rubio: For a murder I did not commit, señor. I just got out.
      Brent: And you needed a place to sleep.
      Rubio: No, señor, I needed protection.
      Brent: Oh, dodging lead. You're a smart hombre to head for the sacred city of Sunburst. You won't find any shootin' gallery in this amusement park.
      Rubio: Sacred city (pretends to spit), poo! This Sunburst is a stage stop to Hell.
      Brent: What? Why they're so pure here that they sow wild oats and get Easter lilies.
      Rubio: (scoffs) The bride with the bad conscience, señor, wears the whitest veil.

    • Andalucia: You are running away? Are you a coward, señor?
      Brent: Now listen, I've been tipped off there's lynch talk in town. Folks think I was mixed up in that.
      Andalucia: Well our mayor would never allow it. He is a brave man. He would die first.
      Brent: The order of our deaths doesn't interest me.

    • Brent: Lucia, I'd like to help ya, but in coming to me, you're only bailing your boat with a sieve. Look, I'm a gambler in a plaster saint town with a record.

    • Brent: Lucy, there's just one law that a man must never break, and that's the law of self-preservation. So I'm gonna break it.

    • Brent: But you remember that with men like the Mayor and Feifer, it's a stiff rope and a short drop.

    • Brent: A woman's tears, the holy water - killed more men than whiskey.

    • Bart: With the lid off this town I feel it's our duty to teach its citizens the intricacies of poker.

    • Brent: Would you kiss me?
      Joanne: Mr. Maverick, I'd quite like to, I think. But I don't know how.
      Brent: Ya don't know how?
      Joanne: You see, kissing's forbidden in Sunburst before the bands are published. And being the Mayor's niece, well, I might as well have the mumps.
      Brent: A lovely girl like you. It's inhuman.
      Joanne: Worse. Ya know my poor dear Aunt Nettie? She's never been kissed, pinched, cuddled or … or gently outraged in any way. She's nervous as a witch and I'll probably wind up much like her.
      Brent: Joanne, I'm a convicted gambler. I'll probably be hanged for murder. I might just as well commit one last crime.

    • Brent: It's all clear, Lucy, you can come out.
      Andalucia: I cannot, I have torn my nightgown. Brent: Well, you can't stay in there all night, you'll freeze.
      Andalucia: In Sunburst, it is legal to freeze, señor, but not to accompany a man in half your nightgown.

    • Taylor: Maverick?
      Brent: Just a brand for the burning.
      Taylor: How'd you get outta that shack?
      Brent: Well, it seems here in Sunburst that a gambler's kin to the devil. I've been fireproofed.

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