Season 4 Episode 20

The Ice Man

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 29, 1961 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Don't impose too long on a man's hospitality, he's liable to put you to work.

    • Pappyism: Wishing will never beat an ace high flush.

    • Powers: You bet on my winning?
      Bart: Uh, the man I won it from bet on you. Can you imagine me betting on a reform ticket?

    • Stricker: This crazy fool thinks I stole his wallet.
      Lawson: This man works for me.
      Bart: That's an interesting recommendation.
      Lawson: Haven't I seen you somewhere?
      Bart: Five nights ago in the Crystal Palace in a poker game.
      Lawson: Sure, Maverick, isn't it? The slick talker with the jokes about his Pappy.

    • Lawson: (to Bart) I don't like strange gamblers in this state, especially when they make a habit of coming up with the winning hand when the stakes are big. Now, I don't know what happened to you or what you're doing here, but let me give you a little advice. The state line is 27 miles due west. You'll be a lot healthier on the other side of it.

    • Bart: Well, my old Pappy taught all us Maverick's to avoid trouble - but he was never much for running. Now, if you've got a job open, I'd like to stay a while. If you don't mind my saying it, I've sorta got a stake in you.
      Powers: I appreciate your concern, Bart, but I'm afraid there's nothing much to be done this time of year, even on a ranch this size - the hay's been cut, the branding's over …
      Bart: Mr. Powers, that's the ideal time to look for work.

    • (working on the glacier)
      Worker: Cold?
      Bart: No, just checkin' on my fingers. They're numb.
      (Bart stops working and takes out a small notebook)
      Worker: What's that for?
      Bart: Uh, oh, I'm just keepin' track of a little wager I've got made on how many icecakes are cut.
      Worker: Put that away and swing this ice onto the wagon!

    • Lawson: I want to find out all there is to know about Craven and his partner, Calvin Powers. When we get through with Powers, he'll be fortunate if he retains the right to vote.

    • Bart: If you told her the whole story right from the beginning …
      Powers: I can't, I can't do it. Her well-being means more to me than anything else in the world.
      Bart: Even the governorship?
      Powers: Of course. And there's another thing , what if I did tell her that Miles Craven was her father and I killed him? She'd hate me.
      Bart: No, I don't think Nancy'd ever hate you. You're the only father she's ever had.
      Powers: I'm not a gambler. I can't take the chance.

    • (the doctor drunk in his office)
      Dr. Sayles: One day a month I call my soul my own.
      Lawson: You don't have a soul. You drowned it years ago in self-pity.

    • Lawson: You blundering, incompetent old fool - I told you who killed him.
      Dr. Sayles: Can't use hearsay on a coroner's report. I'm not a jury.
      Lawson: You idiot. On the basis of your report, Judge Harmon refused to issue a warrant for Powers arrest. I had to send McCrary out-of-town for judge Murdock.
      Dr. Sayles: It's not my … business to …
      Lawson: Your business is what I tell you it is.
      Dr. Sayles: I'm … (rises, pushing Lawson's cane out of his face) tired of dirty politics … phony reports. I'm a doctor!
      Lawson: You're a quack - and I'll break you for this, Eli. I'll run you out of the state. You'll never practice again.

    • Powers: A million-to-one, that's what they all said. (Bart murmurs agreement) Those are pretty big odds, would you take them?
      Bart: If the stakes were high enough.

    • (Bart finds Dr. Sayles packing)
      Bart: You taking inventory?
      Dr. Sayles: What do you want?
      Bart: You. A man needs an operation.
      Dr. Sayles: I'm a coroner, mister … I'm not a surgeon.
      Bart (pulls and cocks his gun): You're a doctor, doctor, and this is an emergency.

    • Bart: You can only bluff so far, Lawson - even in politics. You can't make a murder charge stick, not when the evidence is clearly self-defense. (holds up the musket ball) Dr. Sayles just removed this from Powers, it's Miles Craven's bullet. Oh, and the doctor is prepared to sign a statement.
      Lawson: So, you got to Eli. (Bart murmurs agreement) You underestimate me, Maverick, I never stand on a pat hand when the stakes are so high.

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