Season 1 Episode 10

The Jeweled Gun

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 24, 1957 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode, which takes place in 1876, functions mostly as Jack Kelly's first solo appearance although James Garner appears briefly in the opening and closing scenes. It is the only episode where Garner makes a cameo appearance in a Jack Kelly episode, although Kelly would make several cameos in James Garner episodes.

  • Quotes

    • Pappyism: Never hold a kicker, never draw to an inside straight.

    • Bart: Oh, I remember now. Adelaide! She lives in Clayton.
      Bret: She does? That's quite a coincidence, isn't it?
      Bart: Uh-huh. Well, giver her my best.
      Bret: You sure you don't wanna come on to Clayton with me?
      Bart: Not even if she had a sister.

    • Bart: (voiceover) Santa Fe, the oldest capital in the country. That's what the sign said at the edge of town. I'd been in a lot of Western towns, but none like this one. It was a new kind of place to me, mostly Spanish, with only a touch of America here and there. I liked it. I decided to spend my first day just looking and listening.

    • Daisy: Maybe I'd rather find you. Where are you staying?
      Bart: At the Barker House. It's not the best hotel in town, but they do have the best poker game.
      Daisy: You a gambler by chance?
      Bart: No … on purpose.

    • Fillipe: Oh, I may have misled you, señor. I mean that she was impressed with you in connection with a job that she has been looking for someone to fill
      Bart: A job?
      Fillipe: Yes, a rather simple job and one that might be rather pleasant. It pays $500 for just a few weeks work.
      Bart: Doing what, Mr. Fillipe?
      Fillipe: You are interested?
      Bart: Ah-ha, curious. I'd have to know a lot more before I was interested.

    • Fillipe: You are refusing?
      Bart: I'm afraid so.
      Fillipe: She will ask me why.
      Bart: You could tell her I never bet into a blind hand, but she probably wouldn't know what that meant. So tell her I'm flattered but I'm just not looking for a job right now.

    • Bart: For some strange reason, the job just doesn't appeal to me, Mr. Fillipe. Try to make her understand, will you?
      Fillipe: You do not like being employed by a woman?
      Bart: (laughs ruefully) I don't like being employed.

    • Bart: Thanks for the brandy.
      Daisy: You didn't touch it.
      Bart: I never drink after sundown.

    • Wire Salesman: Yes sir, and I expect to sell enough all by myself to stretch from here to Shanghai.
      Cattleman: That's just about the right place to stretch it, mister, from here to Shanghai. It's got no business on good grazing land!
      Wire Salesman: Cattleman, sir?
      Cattleman: I am.
      Daisy: What is barbwire?
      Cattleman: It's an invention to kill off cattle, ma'am, either by starvation or tearin' 'em to bits. Ain't that right, sir?
      Bart: I never argue about politics or barbwire.
      Wire Salesman: Well, there's no argument in barbwire. It takes up no room, exhausts no soil, shades no vegetation, its proved against high winds, it's both durable and cheap and makes no snow drifts.
      Cattleman: It don't snow in New Mexico.

    • Daisy: Is something wrong? We're going faster.
      Cattleman: We're in Comanche country, ma'am, these flats are likely spots for 'em, so the driver gets through here at a pretty good clip … Worried, Mr. Fence Salesman?
      Wire Salesman: No, of course not.
      Cattleman: You should be.
      Book Salesman: According to our latest edition, the Indians hereabouts are peaceful.
      Bart: Maybe they haven't read your latest edition.

    • Daisy: (about the couch) Do you think this will be comfortable?
      Bart: No!
      Daisy: Oh, well then, maybe I should let you have the bed.
      Bart: Oh, I wouldn't think of letting you do a thing like that, Daisy - but I will cut you for it.
      Daisy: Oh, no you won't.
      Bart: (about her jeweled necklace) Hey, these look a little too real for comfort.
      Daisy: They are real
      Bart: Take 'em off.
      Daisy: Why?
      Bart: Out here, the thieves outnumber the law 10 to 1 - and you're much too much a temptation without wearing those. Take 'em off.

    • Daisy: (after Indians attack the stage) You see, I - I did pick the right man.
      Bart: I'd a resigned, but there didn't seem to be any place to go.

    • Bart: Aren't you the girl that said you wouldn't know how to use a gun? You did just fine on Snopes.
      Daisy: I trust you, Bart. But I don't trust anyone in the world a hundred percent. I had a gun and I knew exactly how to use it.

    • (holding a gun on Bart, Daisy messes up the room, hiding her jewels)
      Bart: Is the stage all set? Now you kill me, is that it, Daisy?
      Daisy: I'm doing this because I have to. My life depends on it - and the life of the man I love.
      Bart: Don't tell me your troubles, Daisy, I've got troubles of my own.

    • (the undertaker makes plans to place Bart in a casket)
      Carter: Sure, I can dissuade the widow from paying her last respects, but even if I can't, that's no real problem. Might be a little scary, but only for a while. (chuckling) I'll get you out before we bury it.
      Bart: I'll appreciate that.

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