Season 2 Episode 7

The Judas Mask

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 02, 1958 on ABC
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Bart tails a pretty can can dancer who stole his money — only to find himself being followed by two very sinister characters.

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    Richard Garland

    Richard Garland

    Elliot Larkin

    Guest Star

    John Vivyan

    John Vivyan

    Walter Osbourne

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    Mel Welles

    Mel Welles


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      • Pappyism: He who plays and runs away lives to run another day.

      • Bart: Only two people who'd been on duty the night before had keys to all the rooms, the clerk's two brothers. Both were asleep now, one was a night clerk, the other the night bellhop. One was as crooked as the other but the bellhop's room was closer.

      • Osbourne: You better not let me down.
        Bart: Pretty girl with a Norwegian accent shouldn't be too hard to find, and I intend to find her, but don't put any money on it. You might lose.
        Osbourne: I'll depend on you to see that I don't.

      • Osbourne: Maverick, if you're not back here in three days, I lose $10,000 and the Bella Union. Do you have any idea what owning that place means to me?
        Bart: I do now, Walter.
        Osbourne: Good. I never learned to lose gracefully.
        Bart: You're young yet.

      • Larkin: We'll look for Karen together, and nothing is going to happen to her.
        Bart: In that case, we're gonna make quite an interesting team, Mr., uh ..
        Larkin: Elliot Larkin.
        Bart: Larkin. You're gonna be lookin' for Karen to, uh, protect her and I'm gonna be lookin' for her to wring her pretty little neck.

      • Karen: I only took your money to keep you from buying the Bella Union with that Osborne. He is an evil man, a corrupt man.
        Bart: Look who's throwing stones. You stole $20,000, remember?
        Karen: That's different, it is only money I steal. Walter Osborne steals honor and dignity.
        Bart: We'll get to the speeches later.
        Karen: No, now. Walter Osborne is a devil among men.
        Bart: Amen. Now where's my money?
        Karen: He's a corrupt man. He would ..
        Bart: Listen, lady, if I don't get that money I'm gonna shake you until you come apart at the joints. Now where is it?

      • Bart: Now if you've got the letter, you can do anything you want. But if you don't have it, and you're lyin' to me again, I'm gonna make you tell me where that money is one unpleasant way or another.

      • Karen: There is no letter. I lied.
        Bart: Think I'd be used to that by now, but I'm not.

      • Bart: I wish I could make up my mind about you. You're either the nicest, sweetest girl I ever met in my life, or the slyest, shrewdest thief in the world. Come on.
        Karen: Where are we going?
        Bart: To your hotel room. It'd too easy for you to get away in this crowd.
        Karen: Bart, I told you I would not try to run away.
        Bart: You also told me you had a letter in your room.

      • (Bart rescues Karen and then Karen rescues Bart)
        Karen: You do believe me now, don't you, Bart - about why I stole your money and what I did with it?
        Bart: Well, let's say I'm just a little more confused than I have been.

      • Karen: Still confused, Bart?
        Bart: A little. I'm wondering how such a nice girl could be such a thief.
        Karen: Then you still don't believe me?
        Bart: No, but I am beginning to like you.

      • Osbourne: I warned you to stay outta my way
        Karen: I'm not afraid of you.
        Bart: Uh-uh, Karen, always be afraid of a gun.

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