Season 2 Episode 2

The Lonesome Reunion

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 28, 1958 on ABC
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Attempting to help a pretty damsel in distress, Bret gets involved in the search for hidden loot from a bank robbery only to end up in jail for murder.

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      • Bret: The game of poker has only one serious drawback. You can lose.

      • (Bret's attempt to elude Monty fails)
        Monty: Hello, schoolboy.
        Bret: You peeked.

      • (Bret draws attention wearing prison stripes)
        Hotel Clerk: Those clothes, Mr. Maverick - are you going to a masquerade?
        Bret: Oh, no. No, the gallows.

      • (Bret inquires about the missing $120,00)
        Newspaperman: Need a partner, son?
        Bret: Uh, no thanks.
        Newspaperman: Know too much to split, eh?
        Bret: No, know too little.

      • Flora: Okay, handsome, that's enough. It's against the law to smack people around in my saloon.
        Bret: You're foolin'.
        Flora: Try me. I'll blow your pretty head off if you even look like you're gonna make a wrong move, and that star makes it nice and legal.
        Bret: Wha … you're the deputy Sheriff?
        Flora: (chuckles) Better than that, handsome, I'm also the Sheriff's gal - and the best shot in town, includin' the Sheriff.

      • (Bret is leaning over Monty, who has been knifed in the back)
        Flora: Nice goin', handsome.
        Bret: I didn't do this.
        Flora: No, he committed suicide.

      • Bret: Being held for a murder I hadn't committed was one thing, but being held while $120,000 was about to be dug up was something else entirely. No man wants to hang poor.

      • Bret: Look, Flora, I've got some rights. I wanna see a lawyer.
        Flora: What am I supposed to do, make one? We ain't got any lawyers in Lonesome. When the Sheriff comes back, he'll take you up to Denver. They got 'em by the dozen there.
        Bret: When's that?
        Flora: Oh, a day or two.
        Bret: Time counts to me, Flora.
        Flora: What do you think it was to the guy you killed, hot cakes?

      • Bret: I was right about my luck changing. It was gettin' worse.

      • Bret: When you have to walk down a public street in prison stripes, the trick is to look unconcerned.

      • Flora: (to Bret) Handsome, you're a kick in the pants.

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