Season 4 Episode 10

The Maverick Line

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • A Series Classic Closes James Garner's Career As Bret Maverick

    This episode would have been a classic if only for the final appearance of James Garner, or the last time that the Maverick boys rode side by side. However, we also get one of the great Buddy Ebsen's finest, funny as hell performances ever. In his brief time on screen he creates a truly memorable character in Mr. Rumsey Plumb, the gold dust craving road agent who commands (and demands) respect. Also spotlighted is Will Wright as the conniving attorney Atherton Flayger. The craggy old character actor shines in the last of his five Maverick appearances. This special episode also features Peggy McCay (who went on to become an Emmy Award winner) in one of her three Maverick appearances. Another series regular, Charles Fredericks, gives breath to Shotgun Sparks - an amenable, almost likable, hired gun who really likes to blow things up.
    This was the magical Maverick formula - two great leading men and first-rate character actors in almost every scene. Sadly, although the series would continue for almost another year and a half, it would never be the same without Garner and the special Jack Kelly- James Garner chemistry. I'll remember the final fading shot of this episode as long as I remember the Maverick boys. Live long and prosper, gentlemen, you gave us something special to remember you by. And like Mr. Hope said, thanks for the memories.