Season 4 Episode 10

The Maverick Line

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Unknown on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Flayger: I advanced you a hundred dollars to corpus delicti the Mavericks.

      "Corpus delicti" is Latin for "body of the crime" used here to mean: "murder" the Mavericks.

  • Quotes

    • (Rumsey shoots a hole in Dutch's hat to stop the stage)
      Dutch: Can't you do it no other way? This is the third one this month. You got any idea what these here hats cost, Mr. Rumsey Plumb?
      Rumsey: I wish you'd stop usin' my name, a road agent don't need a press agent. Now, come on, Dutch, gimmie the Express box.
      Bret: Hey, what's goin' on here?
      Bart: Yeah. Say, you know this man?
      Dutch: Well, this here's Rumsey Plumb.
      Bret: A highwayman, and you know him socially?
      Bart: Well, I ought to, I've looked down the barrel a that gun enough.

    • Rumsey: Well, maybe you two future financial giants can tell me what your plans are for this here stage line.
      Bret: Well, we haven't decided. Uncle Micah Maverick's bank deposits and, and his money is our prime concern. We're not interested in this rolling stock.
      Rumsey: You mean you ain't interested in the Maverick Line? Where's your family pride?
      Bart: Well, it-it's that were not sure that, uh, rolling stock and rolling stones are the ideal combination.
      Dutch: Now, easy, boys. This here string bean makes his livin' off a your line.
      Bret: Why, of course. And you don't have to worry. No sir, with the land rush comin' from Snowflake into this smiling valley … Why, the stage line'll be like the Comstock Lode, with spokes. Uh, you'll be richer than we are, uh, Mr. Rumsey.
      Rumsey: I doubt it, 'cause when the poor people's rich as the rich people, you know what that is. That's kingdom come. Ain't no hope for that in this country.

    • (Rumsey shoots the lock off the lockbox and Dutch opens it)
      Rumsey: Empty. How am I gonna send my poor old mother snuff money?

    • Flayger: You're refusing your inheritance?
      Bart: A manure wagon behind three cow buffalo could do a better job than that spine wrecker.

    • Polly: Could you be tempted, gentlemen, to … to sell his stage line?
      Bart: Uh, well, if the, uh, temptation was in the form of cash, we never fight that.
      Bret: Just how sorely are we being tempted?

    • Bret: (to Polly) I hope you don't think that we're cold captains of finance. Underneath, we're warmly human, but, you were tempting us, remember? Bart: Let's keep the negotiations on the highest level, let's stick to money.

    • Flayger: Bandy, I saw Shotgun Sparks in town this morning.
      Bandy: Yes, sir, he's hirin' out his gun to those land rush folks.
      Flayger: Get 'im. Tell him to bring both barrels. I'm, uh, planning a misfortune.

    • Sparks: Hmm? Gun or muscle?
      Flayger: Gun, muscle, fire, flood or pestilence - just so it's fatal.
      Sparks: I never miss with either barrel.
      Flayger: Bring 'em both, you're gonna play a double-header.
      Sparks: Against who and who?
      Flayger: Those two tinhorns you're just talkin' to, the new owners of the stage line.
      Sparks: Well, lemme see. If I blew up the stage first, that's one deal; then curls the boys up, that's another. Two separate business operations, no connection in- between 'em. Yeah, that would work.

    • Bart: Does it occur to you that, uh, Mr. Sparks is tryin' awful hard to please?
      Bret: What do you mean?
      Bart: I don't know, it's just something in the tone of his voice.
      Bret: You mean like the … the friendly sound of a slicker tryin' to slip the hook into a sucker?

    • (Sparks holds the Mavericks at gunpoint)
      Bret: Well, Sparks, in a big corporation like ours, there's always bound to … be misunderstandings. Eh, tycoons don't shoot each other, they just go to lunch. Let's eat.

    • Rumsey: You was fixin' ta blow up the coach, Shotgun?
      Sparks: It's in my contract.
      Rumsey: That's the only stage that runs through this valley, where would I be?
      Sparks: I don't know, Rumsey, never thought about that.
      Rumsey: Time you star thinkin' about somebody else besides yourself. I'd be outta business, that's where.
      Bart: So would we.
      Rumsey: Oh, you'd eat. You'd gamble or somethin' fancy. I don't know no other trade. I'd be penniless, no prospects, starvin'.

    • (Rumsey is injured when the lockbox explodes)
      Rumsey: You know, Maverick, I been shootin' the locks off a express boxes for 20 years. That's the first one ever shot back at me.

    • Bart: Good evening, gentlemen. Miss Goodin and I stopped by on an errand of money.

    • Bart: My brother and I have decided to take Miss Goodin up on her most profitable offer.
      Flayger: I'll sue ya.
      Bart: Oh, you'll have to sue Miss Goodin. You see, Bret and I have decided to take an extended tour of the world, uh, to teach stud poker to some of the backward nations.

    • Flayger: Well, what do you want?
      Sparks: You know what I want. You owe me a hundred dollars.
      Flayger: I owe you a hundred!? Why you cow-country Benedict Arnold, that's what you owe me.
      Sparks: How do you figure that?
      Flayger: I advanced you a hundred dollars to corpus delicti the Mavericks. That's how I figure that - and one of 'em just walked into this office not an hour ago!

    • Polly: Bart, you've got the stagecoach horses, you still own them.
      Bart: Yeah, we may have to end up riding them. You know, if Paul Revere rode any one of those bangtails, we'd be walking around today in red coats.

    • (Clanging hammers draw the Mavericks' attention)
      Bart: Don't let him see it. It's liable to be too much of a shock.
      Rumsey: I don't have to see it, I heard it. A railroad coming through … But this means the end of the stage line.
      Bret: And our income for life.
      Bart: We're as broke as you are, Rumsey. No prospects.
      Rumsey: A railroad.
      Bret: Now, don't take it too hard.
      Rumsey: I dreamed of this all my life. Do you know how much gold dust they carry in one railroad express car?

  • Notes

    • James Garner's only appearance during the fourth season (and final of the series) is a result of this episode actually being filmed the year before when Garner was still working on the show. The Maverick Line was originally scheduled to be the premiere episode of the show's fourth season.

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