Season 5 Episode 9

The Maverick Report

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 11, 1962 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Holliday: I hate to say this, Maverick, but you're just a babe in arms when it comes to high finance … What you need is a partner.
      Bart: I do?
      Holliday: One who knows the intricacies of the printed word, one firmly wedded to the highest ideals of the business world - getting the mostest out of the most! In short, you need me.
      Bart: Now, Doc, it's my paper.
      Holliday: Well, didn't I show you how to make a gold mine out of it?
      Bart: Well, no…
      Holliday: Haven't we been friends for a long time? Bart: Oh yes, Doc, but…
      Holliday: How much did you give for the paper? Bart: Well, fif…18 thousand.
      Holliday: Here's the two thousand I owe you, plus nine thousand.
      Bart: Doc, I thought you said you didn't win anything?
      Holliday: Fifty per cent interest in the paper.
      Bart: (as he quickly pockets the cash) Now, Doc, I don't think you oughta do that.
      Holliday: I always wanted to be a newspaperman. Why, I can see my own column now, in a big black box: Hello Suckers!
      Bart: (laughing) Doc, you have some fabulous ideas.