Season 5 Episode 12

The Money Machine

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 15, 1962 on ABC



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    • Bart: Now, when I got that telegram from Pappy telling me to meet you here, I thought for a minute that he might have joined the annual whiskey taster's tournament again.
      Jacqueline: Now you know different, huh?
      Bart: Yeah, now I'm sure of it.

    • Jacqueline: You can use that ten thousand your Pappy sent you as a stake.
      Bart: But I can't use that, Pappy's sending me that money with the complete trust and faith and understanding that a man can only have for his kin.
      Jacqueline: Hmm, that reminds me. He told me to be sure and get a signed receipt from you for the $10,000.

    • Desk Clerk: You're Miss Sutton? (He looks at her "developments")
      Jacqueline: What's the matter? Is my slip showin'?
      Desk Clerk: No, but Mr. Maverick's is.

    • Murphy: I think that some token payment, say $10,000 apiece. I would use the money to comfort my elderly mother in her declining years.
      Smythe: Why not use the machine to make some money for your mother?
      Murphy: Mr. Smythe, I'm surprised at you. Even though the money is perfect, it would be tainted. Would you ask a son to give his poor, aged mother tainted money?

    • Jacqueline: How come you're always callin' me child?
      Bart: Because if I don't keep reminding myself I'm liable to forget you are one.

    • Pappyism: The easiest man to con is a con man.

    • Bart: Pappy's all heart. He never could refuse a request if it was put to him the right way.

    • Bart: If there's one thing we Mavericks have in common it's a family stick togetherness.

    • Jacqueline (about the machine): You'll see and you'll be sorry.
      Bart: I already am.

    • Bart (to Bellboy): Boy, do you want that $50.00 or would you just like to stand here and listen to me talk?

    • Bart: (to Jacqueline): You better not fail me this time because if you do those carnations are liable to be displayed at my funeral.

    • Jacqueline (about the equipment in Bart's room): What are you doing with all that stuff?
      Bart: I am making a trap and I think the rat in the room across the hall is already smelling the cheese.

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