Season 1 Episode 13

The Naked Gallows

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 15, 1957 on ABC

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  • Suspense, lies, and romantic intrigue in the old West.

    This episode is another murder mystery, with Bart showing up in "Bent Spur" toting 143 beaver pelts he claims to have caught solo, and also claiming to be an old friend of a murdered man. As usual, things are not what they seem and everyone knows more than they're letting on. Strikingly, there are three whole women characters in this installment! First, there is the sweet young daughter of the owner of the town's one hotel. (He's a piece of work!) Then, there's the murdered man's beautiful, strong and intelligent lover, and finally, the equally beautiful wife of the convicted killer. Said convicted man was mysteriously sprung from jail before he could be hanged. (Hence, the title.) The plot thickens half way though, with one mystery solved and another created. Another suspenseful and well-written episode.