Season 1 Episode 13

The Naked Gallows

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 15, 1957 on ABC



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    • Bart: I've already been told to stop asking questions and move out of town.
      Ruth: Who told you that?
      Bart: Oh, a man with a gun and a careless boot. He didn't give me his name, although I can think of a few that would fit.

    • Bart: When a man's dealin' cards to me, I watch his hands pretty close, the way I watched your hands at the black jack table. Last night, those hands stood out on that lantern like shoes on a snake.

    • Annie: You have real nice shoulders.
      Bart: I use 'em to hold up my shirts.

    • Mr. Haines: Is my daughter with you, sir?
      Bart: Annie? What would she be doing in here?
      Mr. Haines: You are a man, tall. and well favored, with an easy grace. Such are the tools of Satan to entice a wayward child into the path of sin.
      Bart: I'm sorry, but the path of sin doesn't come through here, you better try next door.

    • Bart: I hear a man can get just as drunk on the truth as he can on whiskey.

    • Bart: Funny how you can go around asking a lot of questions and get nowhere, and … then bingo, when you least expect it, you hit the jackpot. Although that's hardly a kind word to call a lady.

    • Bart: Well, some things you forget, if you notice 'em at all.

    • Bart (to Virginia): If you're just one of the boys, I don't want to meet any girls.

    • Bart (refuses a drink): I've got so many vices, I decided to pass that one up.

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