Season 3 Episode 21

The People's Friend

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 07, 1960 on ABC

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  • What Jack Kelly does best

    A perfect "Maverick" for my tastes because it's story-driven more than character-driven. This is where Jack Kelly shines. He allows the script to play itself out while providing a sure hand at expressing his role. The little touches such as the sheriff catching him defacing the poster, the kid with the slow dog and the incredibly sloppy dealing by the cheater all go into dispersing attention away from the star. The viewer feels engaged more than just entertained. I'm a fan of Jack Kelly for just this reason. On those few occasions where I see him play in other productions I'm pre-positioned to look for this trait. His is a deft hand. Whimsy with a purpose.

    The supporting roles are great too. The whole thing leaves one feeling that the time has been well-spent.