Season 1 Episode 12

The Quick And The Dead

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 08, 1957 on ABC

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  • Suspenseful and interesting episode explores themes of honor and friendship in the old West.

    Doc Holliday turns up for the first time in this episode, in which Bret is trying to clear himself of a murder charge by finding the real killer and proving him guilty. After Bret saves Holliday from being shot in the back, Doc utters the title line: "You have no friends. There are only two kinds of people in the West, Mr. Martin. … The quick, … and the dead." In fact, Bret and Doc do become friends in the course of the episode. It also features one of the show's beautiful but interestingly treacherous women characters, who of course tries to lure our anti-hero into her schemes. Is she in for a surprise!