Season 1 Episode 12

The Quick And The Dead

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 08, 1957 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Bret: Lady Macbeth was an ingénue compared to this one.

      Bret is referencing the noblewoman who compelled her husband to commit regicide in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

  • Quotes

    • Bret (voiceover): His name was Parker. I didn't know much about him, except that he could lose a poker game with good cards - and pay off with bad money. My name's Maverick. He didn't know much about me either - not even that I was standing about ten feet away with a gun in my hand.

    • Bret: You see, the Marshall in Qualary didn't like my having those bright new bills around. Didn't like my story either (scoffs) - won 'em in a poker game.
      Parker: How'd you get away?
      Bret: Glad you asked … hand's quicker than the eye. Showed the Marshal a card trick, while he's takin' a card, I'm takin' his gun, this one.

    • Parker: Look, you don't want me. You want them three men, they're the ones you're after.
      Bret: Look, I'm not tryin' to solve the crime, I'm just tryin' to get out from under it.

    • Ponca: Maverick, wasn't it?
      Bret: Yeah, uh, say - can you keep a secret?
      Ponca: For a dollar.
      Bret: Well, you know how it is with a gambling man - moves from town to town, sometimes looking for a cooler climate?
      Ponca: Oh-h, yeah, travelin' for your health, huh?
      Bret: Yeah. Well, I'm not using the name Maverick. I'm callin' myself Martin - Bret Martin.
      Ponca: Well, that's fine with me. I'm callin' myself Ponca!

    • Cora: I pay $50 a week - and tips.
      Bret: Well, I'm sorry, I'm not lookin' for a job
      Cora: Oh? What are you looking for then?
      Bret: A game.
      Cora: Well, if you change your mind, come and see me.
      Bret: Do I have to change my mind?
      Cora: Not necessarily.
      (Maverick watches Cora as she walks away)
      Ponca: Hey, don't look like that.
      Bret: Like what?
      Ponca: Like you're lookin'. That's the way the other dealer started lookin', the one that left town in the box.

    • Ponca (about Stacey): That there's the fella that backed down Doc Holliday at Fort Griffon.
      Bret: No!?
      Ponca: Fact! Called him a cheat to his face. Woulda shot it out then and there - Doc Holliday backed down.
      Bret: I take it we're talkin' about the same Doc Holliday?
      Ponca: You know him?
      Bret: Well, I played cards with him once in Wichita … didn't figure he'd back down from anybody, doesn't care that much about livin'.

    • Bret: I'll take the job.
      Cora: Just like that?. You're changeable.
      Bret: Flexible
      Cora: Did someone downstairs influence you?
      Bret: Someone upstairs.

    • Cora: You've heard of him?
      Bret: Can't be the one.
      Cora: I think it could. Cole Creighton. He was killed while robbing the bank at Rio Bravo.
      Bret: That's the one.
      Cora: This place is all he left me. It isn't what I wanted, but I'll use it to get what I want.

    • Bret: Well, just what have you heard, Doc?
      Holliday: Careless talk, gossip mostly … but it's invidious, distasteful, depressing.
      Bret: I think I know what you're talkin' about, but …
      Holliday: Then you see my point? The most precious thing to a man is his reputation. If he loses that, he loses everything - including sleep.

    • Holliday: My mistake, sir.
      Bret: We all make 'em. That's why we have erasers, huh?
      Holliday: Apropos. Maybe prophetic.

    • Stacey: Don't apologize. The only thing worse than makin' a mistake is apologizin' for it.

    • Bret (voiceover): Doc Holiday's particular brand of poison was double deadly, cause Doc himself really wanted to die - to die quick instead of slow, from a sickness that had no cure. Doc hated the world because he knew it'd go on living after he was gone … and it made him mad to see anybody healthy. These cheerful thoughts passed through my mind as I prepared to cheat him at cards.

    • Holliday: I can wait - half the pleasure's the anticipation, you know.
      Bret: I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing you.
      Holliday : Who's up there with him?
      Bret: The boss.
      Holliday: Who's the girl you were with?
      Bret: The boss.
      Holliday: You said it was a business meeting?
      Bret: Well, business has its brighter side.
      Holliday (chuckles): He's a lucky man.
      Bret: Uh, speaking of luck, Doc, would you like to try yours? Kill time?
      Holliday: Never kill time, friend - or it'll end up killing you.

    • Stacey: I take all the chances, and for what - for one third of half? It's not worth it.
      Cora: What would be worth it, Johnny?
      Stacey: Half, for me. You can cut the other half anyway you want.
      Cora: That's generous.
      Stacey: All you do is set 'em up, I do the job. You sit back and grow long fingernails while I'm duckin' a short rope. I had to kill a man the last time out.
      Cora: There seems to be a difference of opinion on that.

    • Gus: You hush up, Ponca. You've had enough.
      Ponca (laughs): Enough? I ain't never had enough.
      Gus: When you start talkin' 'bout takin' on Doc Holliday - that's the legal limit in this bar.

    • (Bret shoots the gun out of Ponca's hand and Doc points his at Bret)
      Holliday: Why didn't you kill him?
      Bret: Well, he's … kind of a friend of mine.
      Holliday: You're wrong. You have no friends. There are only two kinds of people in the West, Mr. Martin. The quick … and the dead … You seem to have saved my life. Why?
      Bret: Well, I was afraid he might miss you - and hit me. (both laugh)

    • Holliday: I'm very disappointed in you.
      Bret: Disappointed, Doc?
      Holliday: Yes. It isn't often I think enough of anyone to be disappointed in 'em - but you've done it … You're a very dishonest man. You've been cheating me, Mr. Martin - with marked cards!
      Bret: Cheating you? Doc, you've been winning all night.
      Holliday: That's how you've been cheating me.

    • Holliday: You know, it really doesn't matter why a man cheats me.
      Bret: Does it matter that he saved your life?
      Holliday: For that dubious favor, I'll grant one small bonus. I'm gonna leave town in the morning - but before I do, I'm gonna complete the business I came here to transact. And if, Mr. Martin, I happen to see you here, on the street … or anywhere I happen to be, I'll deal with you exactly as I intend to deal with your friend. If, on the other hand, I don't happen to see you, I'll just ride out of town and forget you. And that, Mr. Martin, is a better deal than the one you've been giving me here tonight.

    • Bret (voiceover): Lady Macbeth was an ingénue compared to this one. And now everything clicked. The chances were that her office safe was stuffed with the same kind of money that had nearly put my neck in a noose.

    • Bret (voiceover): (Cora) was asleep by now, looking as sweet and innocent as a newborn vulture. I once spent three days in a Tucson jail with a man who claimed he could crack any safe ever made. If I'd known then that I'd ever have to crack one, I'd have listened more closely when he told me how.

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