Season 1 Episode 12

The Quick And The Dead

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 08, 1957 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Holliday: I can wait - half the pleasure's the anticipation, you know.
      Bret: I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing you.
      Holliday : Who's up there with him?
      Bret: The boss.
      Holliday: Who's the girl you were with?
      Bret: The boss.
      Holliday: You said it was a business meeting?
      Bret: Well, business has its brighter side.
      Holliday (chuckles): He's a lucky man.
      Bret: Uh, speaking of luck, Doc, would you like to try yours? Kill time?
      Holliday: Never kill time, friend - or it'll end up killing you.