Season 1 Episode 23

The Seventh Hand

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 02, 1958 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Marriage is the only game of chance where both people can lose.

    • Samantha: Oh, how nice to see you again. I was thinking of you the other day.
      Bret: How much did it cost me?
      Samantha (laughing): That's the nicest compliment I've ever had. How long will you be staying in Kansas City?
      Bret: Well, I was going to stay a week, but I think I'll take the afternoon train.
      Samantha: Oh, are you afraid of me, Bret?
      Bret: No, no, not exactly, it's just that when I'm with you I feel like I'm living through the last days of Pompeii.
      Samantha (laughing): Oh, how is Brother Bart?
      Bret: I think he'll get well - if I don't mention your name.

    • Samantha: It's wonderful running into you again like this, it'll be like old times.
      Bret: I'll try not to hold the thought.

    • Samantha: Why are you looking at me like that?
      Bret: I'm waiting.
      Samantha: What for?
      Bret: Sam, you didn't just run into me this afternoon.
      Samantha: Oh, I didn't?
      Bret: No. I'm not staying at this hotel. I came to see someone.
      Samantha: Oh, what does that prove?
      Bret: You're not staying here, either, I asked.
      Samantha: Well, don't you believe in coincidence?
      Bret: Only for two other people.

    • Samantha: Look inside. If you count it, you'll find $20,000. Well, doesn't that surprise you?
      Bret: Sam, finding the British Crown Jewels in your bag wouldn't surprise me.

    • Bret: Sam, you'll go far - because you believe every word that you say.

    • Bret: All right, Sam. I feel like I'm looking into a bubbling volcano, but … it's a deal. As you said, you're the only one who can lose.

    • Bret: Uh, Sam … you have told me everything, haven't you?
      Samantha: Everything?
      Bret: About the game.
      Samantha: Well, of course, what would I be hiding from you?
      Bret: I don't know. But there's a little voice inside me that keeps whispering : "This is Samantha Crawford, Bret. Close all the doors and windows."
      Samantha: Oh … Here's the $20,000. That's all the money I have in the world, I'm trusting you with it, Bret.
      Bret: This game will be a matter of luck. I know the way these men play poker.
      Samantha: Oh, you can outplay them.
      Bret: When you're playing in a game with men who are as good as you are, poker's no longer a game of skill. You're gambling. I may be broke in an hour.
      Samantha: We may be broke in an hour.

    • Samantha (handing him more chips): Uh, you better check my count.
      Gilling: The way Mr. Maverick's playing, I don't think I'll have time.

    • Tabor: If you ever come to Colorado, Maverick - bring a shroud!
      Bret: Now, Mr. Tabor, I had …
      Tabor: Goodnight!
      Fayette: I throw a lot of weight in the Wyoming Territory. It can all come down on you if you touch your toes there. You coming, Gentlemen?
      Banning: Let me add my two cents worth. What Mr. Tabor and Mr. Fayette said goes double for Texas.
      Gilling: I hope you didn't get any enjoyment out of poker, Maverick. You'll have a hard time finding a game from here on in!

    • Samantha: Let me talk, Bret! When I'm finished you can do what you like, but let me talk!
      Bret: Talk or lie!? Now you listen to me a minute … I like you very much, Sam. It's fun trying to stay one step ahead of you. But this is a blue chip deal, beautiful, with my head for an ante. Tabor and the others weren't joking when they told me what to expect. And Gillings was right, the story'll get around, I'll have to go to Hong Kong to find a game.

    • Bret: Even when I think I believe you, I know I'm wrong.

    • Bret: I'm lookin' for someone, Conductor, uh, might be on this train.
      Conductor: Oh, is that so?
      Bret: Yeah, very pretty girl, travelling alone … blonde, about … 23, 24 … blue eyes and … (gestures that she's shapely) Well …
      Conductor: I been makin' this run for seven years, I never seen anything like that.
      Bret: No, I guess you haven't seen her. You still got your watch.

    • Bret: Now, Sam, you never do the obvious - unless you want someone to believe you won't. Is that clear?
      Samantha: Much too much.

    • Samantha: Sometimes I forget how clever you are. Alright, Bret, I'll tell you the truth.
      Bret: Please make it sound like a lie so I'll believe it.

    • Samantha: Oh, Bret, you're so suspicious.
      Bret: And without cause, too. (Samantha gets up) Where're you goin'?
      Samantha: I'm going for a walk.
      Bret: Oh, stay with me, Samantha, I get lonely on trains.
      Samantha: Oh, Bret, I couldn't very well get off, could I? The train's moving.
      Bret: So it is, but you're Samantha Crawford - and the engineer's only a man.

    • Bret: We're going after Logan.
      Samantha: Happy hunting.
      Bret: Oh, no, you're forgetting one thing. Logan, and maybe you, cost me my livelihood. You know, I can't play solitaire in a bear cave until I find him and get that money back.
      Samantha: You know, I am sorry about that.
      Bret: Yeah, well so am I. And if it makes you feel any better, I don't think you had anything to do with the hold-up.
      Samantha: Bret, you're losing faith in me.

    • Tabor: You got a room?
      Hotel Clerk: Huh, I got a hotel full of 'em.
      Tabor: I'm lookin' for two friends.
      Hotel Clerk: Everybody's lookin' for a friend, mister. Why do you want two?

    • Samantha: You did see him, didn't you, Bret?
      Bret: Well now, Sam, you don't think I'd try to outsmart you, do ya?
      Samantha: You're sweet.

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