Season 2 Episode 26

The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 29, 1959 on ABC
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In order to save pal Big Mike McComb from a murder charge, Bret accompanies a beautiful singer on a search for her missing outlaw husband and finds himself falling helplessly in love with the woman.

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    William Schallert

    William Schallert


    Guest Star

    Sig Ruman

    Sig Ruman

    Prof. Vegelius

    Guest Star

    Chubby Johnson

    Chubby Johnson


    Guest Star

    Leo Gordon

    Leo Gordon

    Big Mike McComb

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      • Bret: In my business, which is poker, I have to keep movin' anyway. And I've noticed that wherever you sing, there's always a good crowd in a good mood.
        Jenny: I see. But you spend so much time in the audience, how can you do any business?
        Bret: Well, ma'am, when you sing there just isn't much poker bein' played.

      • Bret: You're about the guiltiest looking innocent person I've ever seen.
        Big Mike: I'd like to know who the fella was who says "Honesty's the best policy."
        Bret: I don't know, but I think it depends on how long the policies been in effect. You don't look like the world's worst liar 'til you try tellin' the truth.
        Big Mike: Then why didn't ya tell me that before I tried it?
        Bret: Well, how was I to know? Never heard you try it before.

      • Jenny: Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you are a sweet, shy, simple-hearted boy with stars in your eyes. But I've run across a few of those and you're hardly the type.
        Bret: Do you really think I'd have to be simple to be honest with you?

      • Bret: If her husband weren't alive, I think I'd have to consider fallin' in love with her. But she's hopin' he is alive so, that's your only hope too. Whatever I feel about her doesn't matter.
        Big Mike: Oh, fine. Well, if he ain't alive, do come to me hangin', I'll give ya me gold watch for a weddin' present.
        Bret: Well, that's a real nice thought, Mike. 'Cause way down deep, I'm sentimental.

      • Bret: Jenny, since I'm breaking a very important rule of mine, which is to be cowardly at all costs, please remember : if anything happens to me, it's my own stupid fault.

      • Bret: You lookin' for the exit?
        Messenger: No, I'm lookin' for the door I came in by.
        Bret: Well, that's it. You see, it works two ways. From the outside, it's an entrance; and from the inside, it's an exit.
        Messenger: Well, what do ya know, they got everything up-to-date around here.

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