Season 4 Episode 3

The Town That Wasn't There

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 02, 1960 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: There are things more important than money but I've never found one.

    • Stage Rider: What kind of a town is this Silver Hill.
      Old Timer: Oh, mess of people, mess of buildings, messin' up the countryside.

    • Stage Driver: Hey, Old Timer, do … you see what I see?
      Old Timer: I don't see what you don't see. Silver Hill, it 'tis gone. Plumb wiped off the map.

    • Beau: (pulls out a deck of cards) Would you two gentlemen care for a friendly game? It'll help pass the time.
      Shanks: Those, sir, are the devil's pasteboards.
      Beau: Oh no, sir, they're mine.
      Shanks: Card playing is a vice which I do not indulge in.
      Beau: It's hardly a vice. It's provided me with a very good livelihood.
      Shanks: You mean you're a professional gambler?
      Beau: Aren't we all? Ah, you… you, uh, buy land for the railroad, I understand. Isn't that gambling of a sort?
      Shanks: I see no connection between legitimate business and shameful gambling.

    • Moody: My wife'd kill me if I got in this late after playin' poker most of the night. It'd been different if I'd won, though.
      Beau: Well, you do have to face her sometime.
      Moody: She' a lot easier to handle when the sun's shinin'.
      Beau: Aren't they all?

    • Shanks: I'm prepared to give you $500 for your property.
      Maggie: Mr. Shanks, you are whistling up the rain spout.

    • Shanks: If you don't want the job, say so.
      Old Timer: I don't want the job, but I do want the money.

    • Lambert: I'm a sheep herder.
      Beau: Well, that's fine, there's nothing I like better than lamb chops.
      Lambert: Can't stand 'em myself.

    • Beau: Oh, I can see you're a man of integrity and ethics. You obviously wear a mantle of keen business discernment.
      Lambert: Well, generally just wear these overalls.

    • Lambert: Imagine! A whole town full of friendly folk and not a single cattleman among 'em. This is the happiest day of my life.

    • Shanks: Now, if you'll excuse me.
      Old Timer: What'd you do?

    • Moody (about Shanks): Looks like we got us a mighty wet railroad man.
      Lambert: And a mighty sanitary one too. That stuff there is sheep dip.

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