Season 5 Episode 11

The Troubled Heir

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 08, 1962 on ABC



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    • Pearly: It's just small-time, Bart, it's peanuts, you wouldn't be interested.
      Bart: Oh. Well, anytime you don't want me to do something, Pearly, I'm always interested.

    • Carter: Just not so quick, "family friend" (pulls gun on Bart), we don't need the sheriff.
      Bart: You don't?
      Carter: No, we got you and you're gonna find him for us.

    • Pearly: (to Marla) Aw, you can stop your wailin'. You're gonna need all the tears you got for my funeral.

    • ("Wiley Carter" hands Pearly his wanted poster)
      Pearly: Big Jim Watson.
      Bart: Who did you think it was, Little Lord Fauntleroy?

    • Bart: Now you listen to me, when you get that money half of it's mine, you understand?
      Pearly: Bart, of course, I consider that a debt of honor.
      Bart: Well, that's what's botherin' me.

    • Bart: The important thing is to keep you alive. You can worry about paying us back as soon as you're safely out of town.
      Pearly: Bart?
      Bart: Yeah?
      Pearly: You're a genius
      Bart: I know.
      Pearly: But I have a disturbin' feelin' there's something wrong.

    • Bart: Well, gentlemen, if you'll just consider this a meeting of the board of directors, Mr. Wingate being the corporate body …
      Pearly: Maverick, I wish you wouldn't refer to me as the body, the image is disturbin'.

    • Bart: There's a fine relationship between the law of averages and the law of human nature, in this instance the key word being greed.

    • Perkins: Well, I wish you luck. But I'm a self-made coward. I'll be on that stage tonight and I won't get off till the last stop.

    • Bart: Normally, I don't take money from women. But in Marla's case I had no misgivings, since it was mine in the first place, I think.

    • Bart: There are two things that make a strange town more friendly--the sound of a friendly voice or word of a friendly game.

    • Pearly: You have no idea how many times I thought of you.
      Bart: Especially when you were broke.

    • Bart (to Marla): The only profitable place for me is far away from you.

    • Big Jim (to Pearly): You're not gonna leave town alive. (to Bart) Neither are you.

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