Season 4 Episode 8

The Witch Of Hound Dog

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 06, 1960 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: A man can stay outta trouble, if he learns to do somethin' with his hands.

    • Bart: Strangest thing that ever happened to me. As a matter of fact, Gil, I'm not rightly sure it happened, or, if it did happen, what made it happen.
      Gil: What are you talking about?
      Bart: Funny things go on up there in that Smokey Mountain country a man just can't explain. I saw several of them.

    • Nancy: Well, I was tryin' to make up my mind to go into town. Part of me says "stay out." The other part says "go on in and let the devil take the hindmost." It's like to tear me apart, tryin' to decide what to do.
      Bart: Well, most women have trouble makin' up their mind. You'll just have to learn to live with it.

    • Bart: I don't believe in witches.
      Nancy: I thought everybody believed in witches. Sure ya don't believe in me?
      Bart: Oh, sure, I believe in you, all right. I just don't believe in witches.

    • Bart: Nancy, what I saw is the same kind of magic that always happens when a pretty girl walks down the street.
      Nancy: But, what about …
      Bart: In Texas, it's even worse. You ever heard of a Texas tornado?
      Nancy: Yeah.
      Bart: Well, that's just another word for "pretty girl."

    • Bart: He said "hogwash." And you can tell that bird he did a fine job.
      Nancy: That was no bird, that was my Pappy.

    • Luke: I don't think High Card woulda gone to gamblin' if it hadn't been for Peaches.
      Bart: High Card always was fond of the ladies.
      Luke: No, Peaches ain't no lady.
      Bart: They rarely are.
      Luke: Peaches is a hound dog.

    • Bart: What about my money?
      Luke: That was in the envelope in the safe.
      Bart: They stole it?
      Luke: No. That is, they took your money, but they don't know it. So I wouldn't call that stealin'.
      Bart: What are you talking about?
      Luke: Well, they didn't break open the safe, they just carried it away.
      Bart: The safe?
      Luke: Ox Sutliff's the only man in these parts that could do that.
      Bart: What a family. Nancy, Ox …
      Luke: And Zack. Uh, he's a mean un.
      Bart: And they got a bird for a pappy.

    • Bart: Now, Nancy, let's get one thing straight. I don't believe in witches and spells and charms, and, well, I try not to believe in courtin'. Let's talk about somthin' else, huh?
      Nancy: Well, that don't leave us very much to talk about.
      Bart: Well, what I mean is, uh … well, ya don't need to be a witch to get a fella to come courtin'. A girl like you has a lot of, uh … well, natural charms. All that witchcraft just gets in the way.
      Nancy: Oo, I love it when you don't believe in me. It makes me feel almost human.

    • Bart: You boys play poker?
      Ox: Do we?
      Zack: Hold on, Ox. You wouldn't by any chance be a workin' gambler?
      Bart: Oh, no. (Bart purposefully "spills" the cards and laughs) No, I just took it up recently, for a hobby.

    • Bart: Well, poker's a dangerous game, Zack. You've got to be willing to lose once in a while.

    • Nancy: Oh, I'm sorry you took sick. But I reckon it's your own fault for likin' cards better than courtin'.
      Bart: Nancy, if I was the courtin' kind, I'd court you so much you'd have to take up card playin' just for somethin' else to do.

    • Nancy: You must be a terrible bad man to have so much money, if it's all yours
      Bart: Just a debt High Card Harris owed me.
      Nancy: Oh?
      Bart: And I'm not such a bad man.
      Nancy: Then quit a-lookin' at my leg thatta way.

    • Nancy: When you look at me, it's like you was lookin' at a plain girl.
      Bart: But you're … you're not a plain girl. In fact, you're a nice, round girl.

    • Bart: Nancy, I can't take you away from here. Well, it's … your imagination is just too big to fit in the city.

    • Bart: Nancy, the reason you're attracted to me is because I'm a … I'm an island of sanity in this mad world of yours.
      Nancy: That done it! The day I fall in love with an island instead of a man, well, I hope they shoot me like I'm gonna shoot you right now!

    • Luke: I gotta find Peaches, she's about to drop a litter.
      Bart: Oh, no.
      Nancy: Oh, Luke, puppies?
      Bart: You mean all this and puppies, too?

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