Season 1 Episode 21

Trail West To Fury

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 16, 1958 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • It is revealed in this episode that both Maverick brothers were taken prisoner by Union forces while serving in the Confederate Army. Southern captives, in order to get out of prison camp, sometimes became Galvanized Yankees (their surface, or uniform, changed - but underneath, the steel of their loyalty remained true). Because such soldiers were distrusted, they were often assigned to garrison forts far from Civil War battlefields. The Maverick boys served their Union time fighting against the Plains Indians.

    • Discontinuity : In this episode we learn that the Maverick brothers hail from the town of Little Ben, Texas - which appears to be located somewhere in the central or western part of the state. Yet in future episodes, both brothers mention that they hailed from the eastern part of Texas. It's also stated that they cannot return to the Lone Star state because of a pending murder charge, yet in subsequent seasons they make several forays into Texas.
      Furthermore, in a later episode it's revealed that Bret Maverick was born in 1847, which would make both brothers seem rather young to have served in the Civil War. One final oddity : while part of this episode takes place in their hometown, the boys oft-quoted Pappy is never even mentioned in the dialogue.

  • Quotes

    • Bret: In August, when the scorching Colorado sun has baked the land bone dry, the Yude Indians resort to a snake dance as a plea for rain. To the white man, this is merely a superstitious ceremony, colorful, but useless. (thunder, lightning, rain) A fat lot he knows.

    • Buckley: Go ahead, what good's money? We're all going to drown anyway.
      Bret: He's mad because he got his fancy boots all wet.

    • Bart: Oh, Bret, if you can't trust Dandy Jim, who can you trust?

    • Bart: Now, we get to Fort Adobe, you get to keep the horse and the saddle, and the blanket, and the gun, and the boots - the whole caboodle. Plus any Comanche scalps you might happen to pick up along the way.
      Mike: What if the Comanches pick up the scalps?
      Bart: (laughs) Well then, um, we keep the caboodle.

    • Bret: You got one of three choices, sonny. Guns, fists, or turn tail.
      Jett: You talk big with a crowd on your side.
      Bret: Brother Bart, you just shoot the first man who makes a move to help me (Bart cocks gun) … or him.

    • Hayden: You're hangin' yourself, Bret.
      Bret: Beats lettin' strangers do it.

    • Bret: That's quite an apology.
      Laura: Who said I was sorry?

    • Bret: You really go after what you want, don't ya?
      Laura: Look who's talking.

    • Bret: What are you doing here? My king was high.
      Bart: Ah, but it was also crimped, brother Bret. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Crimped. I looked at it after you left.
      Bret: Yes, well as they say, brother Bart, all's fair in …
      Laura: Well, gentlemen, what can I get for you?
      Bret: Another girl?
      Bart: Uh, for him.

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