Season 4 Episode 27

Triple Indemnity

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 19, 1961 on ABC
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Triple Indemnity

Cowardly town boss George Parker hammers Maverick for losing his money to the gambler and threatens to kill him. So Bart sends out for some insurance: an old friend by the name of Doc Holliday.

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    Ed Nelson

    Ed Nelson

    Bill Parker

    Guest Star

    Charity Grace

    Charity Grace

    Mrs. Parker

    Guest Star

    Laurie Mitchell

    Laurie Mitchell


    Guest Star

    Peter Breck

    Peter Breck

    Doc Holliday

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      • Pappyism: The smart man suffers his guilt pangs in luxury.

      • George Parker: Can you beat a flush?
        Bart: Sorry, full house.
        George Parker: How'd you get so lucky?
        Bart: (yawns) I just live right. Excuse me.

      • (Parker and his cronies burst into Bart's room)
        Bart: Don't be so formal, come right in, gentlemen.
        George Parker: Mr. Maverick, I've been thinking over our game … and it's absolutely inconceivable to me that I should lose at poker. But since I did lose, I've come to a very painful conclusion : you must've cheated.
        Bart: Would you mind telling me how?
        George Parker: Well, frankly, I'm not sure. But that's just a detail.
        Bart: Eh, could it be that I'm a better player?
        George Parker: No!

      • George Parker: I don't like to lose, so I never do.
        Slim: You're a stranger, and in this town, Mr. Parker may not always be right, but he's never wrong.
        Bart: On the face of such logic, uh, what do you expect me to do?
        George Parker: Under the circumstances, why don't you leave town on the next stage?
        Bart: Gladly. As soon as I get what's coming to me.
        George Parker: You heard the man.
        Bart: Oh, I have a feeling I shouldn't have said it that way.

      • Bill Parker: What he doesn't own outright, he holds a mortgage on, and people always do what he says.
        Bart: I'm gonna spoil his record. Anybody tells me to get outta town, I get very hard of hearing.
        Bill Parker: Help me to teach him a lesson. You can ask any price, money is no object.
        Bart: It may not be to you, but to me money's the most beautiful object in the world and I have no intention of leaving any of mine here.

      • Bart: Till I come up with something, what would you lose if you just tried to talk to him once more?
        Bill Parker: (scoffs) Couple a teeth.

      • Holliday: Bart Maverick, how are ya!? Will you have a drink?
        Bart: How are you, Doc?
        Holliday: Not too drunk to protect my own interests. This is Ellen, keep your hands off her. Ellen, this is Bart Maverick, but as far as you're concerned, he doesn't exist.

      • Ellen: Haven't you had enough to drink?
        Holliday: You're so pretty I can't mind you askin' such a stupid question. Bart, how would you like to help me brood?
        Bart: Since when do you need help, Doc?
        Holliday: I'm low, miserable, drunk and sick and I'm perfectly willing to share it all with you.
        Bart: (laughs) That's the best offer I've had today.

      • Mrs. Parker: My Daddy used to say "A girl can trust any man she can out-shoot".

      • Holliday: Anybody but me ever tell ya what a sneaky mind you've got? I often wonder if we're not related.
        Bart: Doc, my Pappy's not the kind to kiss and tell.

      • Bart: You know, George is gonna get a swift kick where it hurts most - right in his wallet.

      • (Ellen comes down the stairs)
        Bart: Now, Doc, we're gonna spend the evening furthering our education. We're gonna improve our intellects so we'll be sharp in the morning.
        Holliday: Well now, that's one course in anatomy that's just a little too advanced for you, son.
        Bart: I'll stay after school.
        Holliday: Let me put it more subtly. You lay one finger on her and you're gonna flunk out of life.
        Bart: You don't mean it's love?
        Holliday: It's the most reasonable facsimile I've found.

      • Bart: Well, from here on out, you keep me covered.
        Holliday: What are you worried about? You got a paid up funeral.

      • George Parker: Don't overdo a good thing, Mr. Maverick. One word from me and you won't be able to get so much as a glass of water in this town. Just remember that.
        Bart: And don't you forget, sir, that I could just as easily die of malnutrition
        Holliday: It only takes longer.
        George Parker: (smiles) I might enjoy that.

      • Holliday: Say, Bart, for that kind of money you don't think, uh, Bret would try to kill you himself, do ya?
        Bart: That's ridiculous, he's my brother! (chuckles)
        Holliday: Oh.
        Bart: Still, we haven't been too close lately.

      • Holliday: It'll cost you $50 a day in hard cash to hire me as Maverick's bodyguard.
        George Parker: What!?
        Holliday: Don't try to bargain. You need me more'n I need you. He's a terrible shot
        George Parker: What makes you think I want to hire you?
        Holliday: If I have to start explaining the facts of life to you, the price goes up.
        George Parker: I'll expect you to stop drinking when you work for me.
        Holliday: Goodbye.
        George Parker: Wait a minute.
        Holliday: Price is now $60 a day. (Parker swallows hard)
        George Parker: If anyone comes near him, shoot to kill. Don't worry about the law. I'll take care of that.
        Holliday: Soon as I get your signed letter in your handwriting confirming those facts, I'll start right to work. Oh, and I wanna see you write that letter, too. (Parker groans) The, un, desk clerk over there can witness the signature. It's not that I don't trust you, because I don't. It's just that, well, if I should shoot someone and you don't make good your promise about the law, then that letter will guarantee me the pleasure of your company at my hanging.

      • Bart: Aren't you going to eat, Doc?
        Holliday: Never on an empty stomach.

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